Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pretty Princesses

At the last minute I decided to take the older two kids to Disney on Ice.  I started to get mom guilt on Sunday afternoon.  I'm realizing how fast time goes by and she won't find princesses magical forever.  Quick decision, we're going.

 They were having fun just waiting.  
Then Sierra showed up.
 The instantly became "best friends."
It was so cute to see Lillian play with a girl and be "girly."

Josiah kept himself busy playing on the iPod while waiting.
 Lillian's never known a stranger.  She wanted to sit on Sierra's mom's lap.

The show was fun.  Wish we had better seat, but what do you expect when you buy at the last minute. I got teary eyed a few times... ok maybe they were actually coming down my face.  I can't help but get emotional when I do things with my kids that I remember doing myself.  That and I was happy the Ryder Flynn and Rapunzel lived happily ever after.

I was the mean mom who didn't let them have the $20 light things, $15 cotton candy, or the $12 snow cones.  I did let them enjoy some peanut butter crackers out of my purse though.  oops, I forgot those made you thirsty.  suck spit kids.
They thought I was the best mom ever when I let them share a $1.29 Jr. shake from Arby's. It was awesome just to have 2 straws in the same cup!
I needed to take Lillian over to meet the new neighbor, Cujo. 
Her face says it all.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Straggles vs Piggies

I think Cora might potentially be in the lead for the Kissel kids hair growth rate.  We'll note the obvious first: she doesn't have that much to start with, but at the same rate the two other kids didn't get there first hair cuts until they were 2.  (although, there were many some to say they needed them sooner) I just know that once they get those big kid haircuts they no longer look like babies and well this one I'm trying to keep a baby as long as possible.

Enjoy Little Miss Cora's hair!
 How can you not love the "straggles"
 It was so cute to look over at this.

 Cora's new hobby is fun... climbing.  
She loves to climb on the kitchen table, just don't panic and run to get her.
She loves to climb onto Daddy's chair, she's big stuff.
... the computer chair, changing table, couch.
Now she's found my desk.  What a mess, but she sure does love it.

Now what you all have been waiting for...
 She actually left them in all day! 
The clip lasted for about 3 minutes.
 As you can see, her personality is really starting to come out... and her teeth.
Now, that's my sweet girl.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Not enough Nims

The Nims family came and went. 
 Well, kind of, they ended up staying for 3 weeks.  What a great 3 weeks it was!  As much as I love seeing Jennifer and Brent, seeing our kids play together has really taken a piece of my heart.  Josiah likes playing with his friends, but he loves playing with his cousins. You know, the family love.  We went to the zoo, children's museum, and had days to just play around the house.  It was a first where Jennifer didn't have a million places to be and people to see.  So the time had a much more relaxed feel, not so much of the "visit" feel.
Noah would sing a "Mexico" song he made up and then Josiah would shoot him.  They had a blast. 
 Nathanael tolerated enjoyed the 2 older kids more this time.  He's still not fond of the baby.  
He just wants to adopt an older kid someday.

 Lillian made two new best friends... Nigel and Niko.  The Nims' pugs. She would play with them for hours... literally hours.  At one point she was too quite and we had forgot she was down there. (1st night actually) Brent checked on her just as she had Niko by the leash and a pair of open scissors, ready to cut off the ear.  She just wanted to cut her hair or as Josiah said, "be a broomer"...groomer.
 Noah lived in his camoflage get-up.  
 His awesome look at the zoo.
  I was fond of it.  Mainly because I lived in camouflage most of my elementary years.  So much that my mom made me a camo skirt, "blouse" and vest. 
Anyone remember that? 
 Josiah drawing a frog at the museum.

I was so glad that we had one evening to have a sisters night.
We went to Papa Roux and a movie.

I love you Nims and we will miss you while you are out galavanting around ;)

If you haven't check out their blog, Newschool Nomads, you really should! They are on an awesome adventure traveling around the US for a year in their trailer.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a really great Christmas this year.  We were busy, but not too busy.  That was a first.  I have to say that I really loved Christmas being on a Sunday this year.  It felt really good to have to wake the kids up open presents and then go to church.  Granted I didn't have any extra days off of work, but I don't really need those anyway.

Santa brought Josiah, Tommy- the white, mighty morphine power ranger, 1993.  He was told that elves still made him.  Thanks Santa at the ISM... and ebay.  In the other hand was Megazord.  The other must of the year.  
Cora was more interested in her morning bottle.  We unleashed the other kids to do her opening.
Lillian received, Kimberly- power ranger, yada- yada.  Josiah saw it and said that he wanted Lillian to have that for Christmas.  Seemed like a good choice considering the only things she'd put on her list was: poop, a fan, and a light bulb. I should've had santa deliver those... 
Still going at it, but in a different location.
Christmas at my mom's.
Her cute new "fish face" she's been making.
Boy oh boy do I love my boys!
The girls playing on an old toy.

Josiah was just laying there staring at the tree.

me: What are you looking at?
Jo: nothing, I don't like my toys.
me: what?
Jo: I don't like my toys...

I think that might be worse than him telling
 Aunt Jenni that he wanted to put her gift in the trash last year.
In my ungrateful brats defense...
He did tell me that he didn't feel good and wanted to go lay down.
Then when we talked about it he said all he wanted to do was open his toys.
oops... mommy didn't know he'd take it so literal when I told him he couldn't open them.
I just wanted to get the wrapping paper picked up.

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Let's see what 2012 has for us!