Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home is where the heart is.

We have finally moved to our new home and we finally have internet.  limited internet.  (warning: rant ahead) Even though I don't feel we are any further in our location, our services are much more rural.  There isn't any cable ran out here so it took us a bit to figure out what we were going to do. It was funny for the two weeks without how diconnected I felt and how many more people I actually talked to and interacted with.
Changed my address at the post office, Talked on the phone to a person for insurance, I even actually broke out the stamps to snail mail a bill.   With each interaction I had to explain to them that I didn't have internet... like I was the only person in the universe.  ridiculous on my part.

Grant and I were just saying how much more conscious I am of my internet usage.  When you know you can only use so much, craiglist searching and blog reading is definitely more... 

 That's what life has been feeling lately.  And it's a good thing.
We've decided we are intentionally not going to get a tv for a while. (Maybe just a small one with a dvd player for the kids movies.  I am missing our Friday night movie night.) 
We intentionally sit on the porch or big rock in the backyard in the evening watching the cows walk across the pasture for the evening.
I intentionally sit in the kitchen table chair that looks out to the beautiful sunrise watching the cows make their way in for the morning milking.
We intentionally sit in the living room at night and read.

Grant and I are doing well. The Kids are adjusting well. The dogs are doing well also.

It'll take me a bit to get my thoughts together and get our move documented :)

 This is where we now call home.

Lillian finally quit calling it "Dead Aunt Betty's" or the "Die House"
However, she still likes to talk about Betty in the cemetery every time we pass it since it's 2 miles from our house.

 These two were so eager to help us get painted.
 Grandma Alma is a great slavedriver motivator/decision maker.
 I missed out of a really cute picture of Granny K watching the kids while we worked.
She was so sweet and helped us with the kids a ton.

This guy (hurt his back) and his wife helped us get moved.

We were so blessed come moving day.  We had so many family and friends show up to help us make our move quick and easy.  I wasn't even ready for that much help and didn't know how to manage it.
My bossiness was lost somewhere in the boxes that day. 

Thank you to the Reillys, Whitesels, Saunders, Sommers, and Kissels.
(and I feel like I'm forgetting someone)

This is my view every morning.


The cliche "Home is where the heart is" has taken on real meaning to me. I am a homebody.  
The week before we moved was very surreal.  Everyday I thought this is the "last ---day night that I sleep in this house." When I walked into the nursery, which was the hardest room for me to say goodbye to, I would feel saddened knowing I rocked every one of my babies in there.  
However, on moving day when I felt some tears wanting to work their way up,  I thought, I have had 7 awesome years in this house.  Most of which my children won't remember.  Once we move we will have, God-willing, at least 30 years of memories in our new house.  So I changed my perspective on where life really is and I was once again so excited.

Home is now here, because that's where my family is and where we will be making our next decades of memories.