Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apple of our eye

I can't believe our little girl is 2.   Lillian is a one of kind.  I love how serious, how cuddly, and how sweet she can be.  My favorite is to just to watch her do her own thing.  She makes me laugh all the time just by watching her.  Josiah is trys to be a clownShe thought she was pretty for her birthday with the bow on her head and sparkles in her hair.  It has been such a fun two years with her.  I can't think of any really tough times I've had with her.  I'm sure those will come later down the road as she gets old, but for now I'm going to continue loving every minute with this funny girl.

Lillian has daddy wrapped around her finger.  She loves to gives him kisses and wants to know where he's at every morning.  Then when he comes home in the evening she runs with her arms wide open and yells "Daddy."

Looking like a big girl.  The shirt was perfect considering how much she likes to eat.

Anna and I made the cupcakes.  It was so much fun and they looked just as good as the pictures.

She had fun opening her presents.
Grandpa John and Grandma Alma were able to come over one night to celebrate.  She loved her "princess" clothes.  She's still wearing the beads.  The wand and crown have already been demolished. Sorry Grandpa, but they were lovely while they lasted.

Grant and the kids also went out with Grammy for a birthday fiesta.
Looks like he's having too much fun. 

I guess she wasn't such a fan of the sombrero.

Happy Birthday Lillian.  We love you so much!!!

Also, thank you to everyone for making our little girl feel so special.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Annual Anderson Orchard Outing

Anna and I headed out for our first visit of orchard season.  I love the first carmel apple and apple slushie of the season.  The kids had a great time and Jensen was able to get in on the action this year.  There were so many good pictures and I only picked a few.  I think the rest might be on facebook.

Straight out of the car.

I guess it is possible to get a picture of Lil smiling.

Looking all grown up.
Sophia's first day of Pre-K.  Looking all snazzy in her uniform.

Jensen being cute as always.


I hope the kids will look back with fond memories someday.  
Well, hopefully they won't remember us yelling at them "don't go to far, don't pick the apples, don't touch the rotten ones, and watch out for bees."

just a break

Sorry we are having cable problems at our house.  Once we get it fixed I have lots of pictures to share.  Our computer and phones aren't working so just call my cell if you need to reach me.