Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We just came home from visiting GG and Grandpa George in sunny Arizona.  We were so excited to visit them out there.  As it had been way too many years.  We had two nice days of weather before the rain came in.  So one day we took the kids to the train park.  It was so cute.  I had never been there before.  It was a perfect day.  Of course spending time with GG and TT meant good food.  So we ate some yummy foods while we were out there.  
I loved getting to spend so much time with gram and gramps.  In our busy lives here we only ever get to see each other an hour or two each week.On the other hand I'm sure they were glad to see us go because they're not used to having kids around 24/7.  They can resume the sleep, eat, awake, sleep, eat, sleep schedule.  Whew, it was a busy few days.  The kids actually kindly woke up at 4am the first morning.  Let's just say there isn't any good cartoon at that hour.   
 I also want to say thank you for anyone that said prayers for us flying.  Our flight arrived 45 minutes EARLY on the way out! (God was making it up to me since he was on my #*%! list for extending the Florida flight an extra hour)  Then the kids were really good on the flight home.  I'm not kidding I was really dreading the flights.  We are already looking forward to the next time we'll be out in AZ.  Although I'm sure it will be in a few more years.
All aboard!  It was the cutest train.
GG and TT braving the world's unofficial fastest and longest carousel.
This was the train that went around the park
Lillian has black olives on her thumbs. 
 It was so funny.  She ate all the olives (yuck) off of our 4 plates
Jojo actually was able to sit in the cockpit of our returning flight.
How cool is that!  Gotta love Southwest.


In other news I'm excited to tell you that we finally got a new computer and our modem hopefully fixed.  As most of you know I don't really like or just don't care about technology, but our new Mac Computer is awesome.  I didn't know that a comp could be so easy or dare I say fun to use.  So my intentions are to get back to blogging a little more regularly and checking my email more often.  Oh and our house phone is back to working also. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rub-a- dub- dub two ducks in a tub

 My kids have this thing for eating forbidden fruits which include: crayons, paints, hand sanitizers, window cleaner, lotions, diaper creams, laundry soap, you name it they've at least licked it. Weird, I know. Josiah, when he was little lived to lick/eat yucky things. He almost licked the crazy green anti-freeze on the garage floor once when he was small.  Lillian isn't as bad, but still thinks everything needs checked out at least once, twice, and probably a third time.   
This was a baby animal marker episode.  Lillian thinks they are sippy cups.  Which they do kind of look like.  Jojo has paint on his face. 
Yes, her poo is weird colors afterwards.  They still take 99% percent of their baths together.  I think I might have to replace the dry wall in the future. They get crazy.  There is usually rain on the walls and a small lake on the floor. 
He needed to wear a necklace.

I hope everyone in Indiana is enjoying the beautiful snow. We are holed up this morning.  Lillian is mad since Jojo has her in a scissor hold with his legs right now. My kids are running on less than normal sleep. (Wish me luck)  They were up late for the Super Bowl only for me to drag them down to an all day Ikea trip the next morning.  Lillian was bad the whole way down to C-town.  I'm thinking about buying some whiskey on the flight to Arizona...  little for her and a lot for me. :) Surprising she was really good in Ikea, especially when she fell asleep sitting up in the cart.  Jojo stayed awake the whole time up until 5.3 seconds after he was buckled into his carseat.  I even carried him into Skyline Chili only for him to sleep the entire time in the restaraunt.  Hopefully today they will, fingers crossed, get some catch up rest.