Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wrapping up March

Josiah wanted to eat his eggs with his race car, super-hero helmet on.  He never ceases to make me laugh.  Let me say though, wearing it made breakfast some serious business. He needed to eat super fast to be big and strong.

While I was cleaning Lillian room she found a new fun place to play.  I was surprised that she even fit.  She loves to hide and try to fit into tight places.  I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Grant and I went out to a nice dinner at St. Elmo's thursday night.   I felt old because I made the reservations at 5:30 (when the kids like to eat), we arrived early, and were finished around 6:30.  Then I  said, "I liked eating early. It wasn't loud and we received our food quickly."  So much for the long, late romantic dinners.    Thanks Zach and Catherine.

Lillian was quick to say,"Cheese" when I got the camera out to take pictures of Jojo eating eggs.  The mark on her nose has been her biggest facial accident.  She hit her nose on a concrete step.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My big babies

The other day I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the kids recently.  So I found my camera, which was on top of the refrigerator.  Lillian is starting to get into her baby dolls more.  Her favorite thing to do is cover and uncover them a million times with a blanket or dish towel. She also loves to put the doll or anything in the stroller, put her purse on her shoulder, push the stroller around while saying, "BYE, SEE YA"

I had to try to get a picture of these pajamas.  They have band-aids on them and say "Chicks dig Scars"  I just thought they were so cute.  Take note of the bottle in the background in mid air.
Also on this morning (it was a warm one) I looked outside from my bedroom and Josiah had put his boots on, went out the back door and was out there swinging his golf club. 

They do play together sometimes.

These were his guns.  "I'm gonna shoot you."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

June Bug at the zoo

We went to the zoo last week with June Bug aka Grandma Webb.  It was nice weather, 60 with overcast.  Great for the animals.  Lillian was definitely more into it.  She loves animals!  From the time she was really little she's just loved watching and touching them.  

She kept saying giraffe.  She's adding a few more words to her vocabulary, but this was a pretty big one for her.  It was so cute.  She loved watching them.

Josiah loved the playground.  He just took off and was all up and down there.  He went down all of the big slides by himself.  Even with me not around!  That's big stuff for him.  Just last month I had to climb up the McD's playplace to carry him down because he wouldn't go through the tunnel or down the slide to come down.  Now Lillian on the other hand,  I was looking for her and could hear her making her screeching noise.  I could tell it was coming from the top of the big tunnel slide so I walked around to see her at the top of the slide.  Then I just had to walk back around to the front because she went down it all by herself.  fearless. 

This is June bug flat on her booty.  She didn't know Josiah was behind her when she backed up.  It was so funny.  Jojo was slightly startled, but then saw her laughing.  Being the great granddaughter I am instead of helping the old lady up I just grabbed my camera. :)  Then I offered her a hand.  
I fell in love with these little Meerkats!  Jenn I thought you'd like this picture.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day with Ellie

About a month ago we were able to spend the day with Dawn's Ellie.  She is such a cute and well behaved girl.  Christine went down to the museum with us.
In the car Josiah asked if he could see Ellie's "scary teeth".  She said, "My teeth aren't scary.  They are shiny."  Then he was talking about his birthday and how he wanted a dirt bike.  She mentioned she likes pink dirt bikes.  Well, then Josiah said, " Mom, She's going to give a me a pink dirt bike!" It was so funny to listen to them have their own little conversations in the back seat.
I think this might have been her first time riding the carousel.  Dawn gets really motion sick.
It may not look like it in this picture, but Lillian loves the carousel and was able to get an extra ride out of Aunt Christine.
Of course this started out with Ellie rolling Lillian around, but Jojo had to jump in on the action.