Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day

Last weekend we had fun visiting Grammy down in TN. Josiah did really well in the car both ways and sleeping at a new place. On Sunday Grammy, JoJo, and I went to the park and had lots of fun. The slides still make him nervous, but he thought he was big stuff climbing on the playground. He needs to learn to walk though because crawling through the wood chips isn't that good on the knees. We were glad to make down to Tennesse for the few days we were there.

Last week we also had his pictures taken by our friend Amanda. She did a really good job considering what she had to work with. He didn't want to be still and he decided to scrunch up his face the whole time. Of course, I still think he's adorable. She posted a sneak peak on her blog. When she gets his gallery up I'll let you know.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Today we went to Josiah's 1 year check up. He weighed 19lb15oz and was 30" tall. Poor little guy also had to get his shots. He had a silent scream of about 10 seconds until he let the world know what he had just felt. Doctor said that he looked good.

Grant and I also started working on his big boy room this weekend. I'm really excited to see it done. Josiah loves to be in there. He thought he was helping and he loves to roll around on his twin bed. We are in the process of looking for a crib so that he'll have both in his room. I'll post some pictures soon once it's closer to completion.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday Party

I just want to thank everyone that was able to come last minute and say that I missed everyone else who couldn't make it. It definately has been one crazy week. Josiah was on his best behavior today for his party. He looked adorable in his Birthday suit (I found it at a sale and just had to get it), and he wasted no time chowing down, literally, in his cake. He ate his cake just like the picture looks. Also, thank you to everyone who helped pull things together for us, we really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the pictures. They tell the story.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Josiah's Birthday

Well, I can't believe it. I can't believe my little baby boy is now 1 year old. People say how fast time goes once you have a child. It's hard to imagine that a year ago we just welcomed him into our world and how fast our world became his. He is so much more than we could have ever imagined and we still mention everyday how cute, funny, or amazing he is to us. God sure does know what he is doing. I've posted some pictures of Josiah from his birth day.

Sadly we don't have any pictures from the day he turned 1. I wanted to at least write this on May 2, but it didn't work out that way. As many of you may now know, he became very sick on Thursday. I just figured it was the 24 hour bug. On Saturday morning he still wasn't well and Grant and my mom had caught the same thing. I decided to call his Birthday Bash off. I was so bummed about it especially since we had family fly in from out of town. The weeks of excitement and stress of planning a party all went down the drain. I know it was the right thing to do though. He was miserable and obviously contagious. So when I got home from work he was sicker, paler, lifeless, and looking very gaunt. He still hadn't kept anything down and we had to get him some help. We decided to take him to the ER. I have a weird thing about ERs and they are definately the last resort. He had to get an IV of fluids and after being there for 4 hours he was physically looking better although he wasn't feeling much better yet. During the whole needle poking incident it made me so grateful that we had a healthy boy. I think I was crying more that he is healthy than for his momentarily physical pain. I can't imagine having a chronically ill child. So today he rested alot, drank water, and finally started to eat some. I know it'll be a few days before he is the crazy little Jojo that we love.

Looking back it has been a wonderful year. Josiah has taught us so much about love and ourselves, given us so many laughs, and filled us with more joy than we thought was ever possible. We love you Josiah and want to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday.