Monday, June 24, 2013

Racing through May

31 years I've lived in Indy and 0 times I've been to the track.

I was excited when John and Alma planned a day there when they were up in May.
It was military day so we lucked out and went in free.  Then the kids were able to enjoy some of the military activities that were set up.  The day was absolutely beautiful and the crowds were nil.  

 Lillian was into it.  I wish I had a picture where she was lying prone with a huge machine gun! Everyone around thought it was cute/funny how serious she was about it.

 Kids chilling with Grandpa and Grandma while waiting for the cars to start.
 Sheer excitement on Josiah's face as the car raced around.
They were running one car at a time since it was second day of qualifications.

Too bad we don't have a picture of myself.  I LOVED it and hope to go one day when I can see 33 cars at a time.  I'm glad to finally have perspective on the track size, the speed, and the SOUND.
Riding in an Indy car has been on my to-do list (along with hang-gliding, seeing the aurora borealis and going to space), but I think this one is going to have to be done sooner than later!

Enjoying a yummy snack!

This was a great break from all the packing and house work I had been doing like a crazy woman.  
We've had quite a few showings, but no offers.  Praying and trusting that God will bring the right person along... soon.