Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Four is Fun!

 So there's just a little bit of denial in this house that Cora is not a baby anymore.
With the first child when he turned four I might as well handed him the car keys.  I thought he was huge and old enough to take care of himself (that was partially true since I was taking care of two other babies at the time).  With Cora though…. I'm trying so hard to keep her little, but it's just not happening.
She is about as cute and mean as a girl can be.  Her voice is so soft (most of the time) and even while she is beating me or a sibling up she does it with a smile and a sparkle in her eye. 
Love her.
She had all her birthday decorations picked out a month before.
We had to cancel her actual family party due to mysterious viral rashes plaguing our house. 

 I can only assume she's singing "Let it go" in this photo.

I am loving all the time Cora and I have just the two of us.  She is so easy going and such a goof ball to eat lunch with, take shopping, and snuggle down with for an afternoon nap.

She and her baby have been wearing these outfits at least twice a week since her birthday.

Frozen dress and makeup!

I don't get great pictures of these two handsome men very often.

Happy 4th Birthday Cora! 
We love you so much! Every single day your daddy and I enjoy the beautiful and charming little girl that you are.  You will forever be our baby.