Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pool Time

We finally were able to take a dip in our pool this weekend. It felt wonderful. It was 89 degrees, just the way I like it! We got in on Friday night and at first Josiah wasn't so sure about it. Then once he realized I wasn't going to drop him he had lots of fun. Today, when he got in he had no problem with it and was feeling quite brave. I think he looks so adorable in his "wet suit".

We had friends over on Friday to grill out ribs and eat pickle dip. Josiah was crazy over the ribs. The first night he was covered in bbq and had 2 in his hands. He was even grabbing them off of Grant's plate. He also is very into dipping his foods. So he got to dip his chip in pickle dip. He liked it alot. It would've been disappointing if he hadn't liked it considering it's a staple at every Reilly function.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend with Grandpa John

Grandpa John was in town this weekend. On Saturday night we went to and Indians game. It was very hot out and Josiah got restless. So Jojo and I took a walk around the park and when we go back to our seats it began to pour.

On Sunday we went to the 4-H parade. It was a beautiful day. He enjoyed watching the trucks go by. The sirens didn't scare him like we thought they would. Now when we went to the fair on Monday night that was a different story. He liked watching the Super Loop ride, but when we went into the hog barn he lost it. The pigs were screaming and it terrified him. Then we went to pet our cousin's sheep and that wasn't any better. I think we are just going to stick to singing Old Mcdonald's Farm for now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a good Independence day. We had two cookouts on Friday. At the Heller's house in the evening Josiah wasn't so sure about the fireworks they were setting off. He wanted to be in the screened in porch and holding on tight. Yet he couldn't seem to peel his eyes away from the bright lights.
On Saturday we went down to Brown County. We had a lots of fun at my cousins' lake. There were so many kids. It reminded me of when all of us were little and had fun there. Josiah went out in the boat (which he did not like at all) and then at night he got to hold a super long sparkler. He thought that was very cool. Except uncle Jake had to help control it because he wanted to swing it around more. Maybe, next year he'll be ready for the big fireworks