Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. We had a good one. I know as the kids get older it will only get funner. We the started the evening with the family rounds. Then we went to our neighborhood pitch in. I think it combined people from the 3 streets around here. There were lots of people and lots of good food. It was pretty cold and Lillian was being very clingy. Jojo wasn't sure of all the things going on. The kids rode on a wagon so that they wouldn't have to walk on the county road. Josiah liked looking at it but definately did not want to ride.

Mom helped me make her skirt. It was so fun. Thanks Mom! I had to flat iron her hair to curl on the top then I held her hair in my teeth so that I could tie the bow.
The last count I heard of how many kids were on the wagon was 34.

These were glowsticks that our neighbor gave Jojo. He had fun being a bee. This was from this week. Uncle Brad put our new doors up through out the house. I was happy to get this picture because whenever he puts this hat on he calls it his "Brad Hat".
Sorry about the silly layout. I can't figure out why this has happenend. I can't center my pictures or my text. If anyone knows why let me know how I can fix it. It is driving me crazy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

St. Louis Part 2

I was so excited to finally go up in the arch! I've been to the arch or passed through St. Louis too many times and I've never been up to the top.(actually I think I might have gone up when I was too young to remember) So John, Emily, Jojo, and I made the 4 minute trip to the top. We told Josiah he was going to go up in a spaceship. He did get a little scared while we were up there, but then he saw a helicopter and everything became ok.
It was the perfect fall day. I think the park around the arch was one of the most beautiful scenes. The smell of the leaves was intoxicating and their crunchiness was perfect! We took our time going back to the car just so we could enjoy the walk.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Congratulations Zach and Catherine!

Zach and Catherine got married on October 24th in St. Louis. It was such a beautiful day and the wedding was intimate and very nice. Catherine looked beautiful and Zach was beaming. We wish you the best and are so happy for you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lark Ranch

Grant didn't have to work last Sunday so we took advantage of the fall weather. We headed over to the Lark Farm at the last minute. It was an hour before closing and slightly cold, but we still had a good time. It'll be fun next year when the kids are bigger and we'll have more time.
They were checking out the goats and a boar. Josiah really liked the baby goat.
Of course she had to stick the corn in her mouth.
Grant took Josiah around the track on these pedal cars. He thought he was awesome.
It was nice for all of us to go to church together.
The kids and I went out to dinner with GG(nancy) and TT (george) on Saturday. Grandpa gave Lillian a lemon and this is the face she made.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Lillian has started doing this funny face. She will close her eyes completely and snort. so funny. She had her 1 year Dr. appt today. Doc said that she looks great. She is 30" tall and weighs 20lb 14oz. Her walking funny is due to over compensation for her toes turning in. I was relieved to hear that even though it was what I thought. It's so cute seeing Lillian and Josiah brush their teeth while standing on the stool together. Speaking of togetherness. Lillian loves the "Where's Spot" book. I was reading it to her and then went into the kitchen. From there I could here Josiah reading (from memory) to her while they were both sitting on his bed. It was so precious. I tried to get the video camera but didn't make it in time.
Another story... Josiah was being quite so I called out, "where are you" he says "in the sink". I go in the bathroom where he's eating toothpaste. So I take the soap and toothpaste away while he brushes his teeth. Well Lillian wandered in there and got up on the stool. I heard a noise and there Josiah was spraying the Febreze air freshener on her head! Her eyes were squinted and her hair looking like morning dew on blades of grass. It was so funny and she smelled really good. :)
Tonight Grant and I celebrated out 8th anniversary. We ran through different ideas on how to spend it. What better way than going to Pizza King with the kids. It's hard to believe that we were once two teenagers who ordered breadsticks and a 10" pepperoni pizza, usually on a Sunday night, and here we are now going back there with our two beautiful children and more love between us than when we started. We've definately been more than blessed in our marriage and I can't wait to see what more God has in store for us.
Lillian got loose in there and ran straight to somebody else's Grandpa's arms. I think she thought if she just got to him then I wouldn't be able to get her. Then she decided that she also wanted to be held by his wife. Don't worry, they were a sweet couple that has 14 grandchildren of their own.

summer's end

I thought I better post some random pictures from what I think was last month. Still trying to learn how to drive it. I thought maybe on the road would help.
Neighbor Kensi. She is the sweetest little girl. Maybe Jojo and her will get married some day. :)
Lillian by the aquarium at the zoo when we went with Weewaw.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Face

Lillian has been so cute lately. Everyday she has just been getting more and more into things...finally. I have found the one thing that she can't stand, being told "no". She hates it. She'll either a) look at you and do it anyway b) do a pitiful frown and cry or c) my favorite, lay down and put her her forehead on the ground. I can see some tantrums in the future already. She hasn't taken a bottle at all for 2 weeks now! I can't believe how easy the unintentional transition has been. Also noteworthy... Josiah hasn't had chocolate milk at our house for almost 2 weeks!
I think this was the second bath that she has ever taken without Jojo in our tub.
She has started to carry bags around.