Monday, June 28, 2010

Pain in the... mouth

My pitiful Lillian has been having a very hard time getting her eye teeth in.  She wakes up during the night (just to make sure I'm here, then she lays right down) then after she wakes up and all through the day she just lays down where ever she's at.  Needless to say I haven't been able to get much done since she wants to be held a lot.  

I came in here room to find her curled up on her chair.

Taking a break from the hard life of teething :(

I would love to get rid of the paci or as Lillian calls it "Dassie" before the baby comes, but I think it's a source of comfort and relief right now.  
She's actually laying in the middle of my bedroom floor while I write this post.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby K's 20 wk

I  can't believe I'm just now putting up Baby K's ultrasound pictures.  I wanted to make sure I tried to give this one the same attention.  I guess that is every mom's intentions for each new baby.  So far I've only taken one weekly belly shot (that was week 14) and the pregnancy calendar  is a little bit more bare.  The thing of it is this baby doesn't give us much to talk about.  So far it is very calm.  The baby curls up in a big ball in the morning so I can feel and see it.  Then kicks a little here and there.  Last night was one of it's busiest evenings.  That might have been due to a brisk walk followed by choco milk and a turtle brownie though.  I actually have to say I haven't even seen an actual kick yet.  Big difference from Jojo and a small difference between Lillian.  I'm not complaining though because so far our babies have behaved the way they were in the womb.  I can't wait to see this baby.  I love not knowing the sex.  It's so exciting and I really have no idea what gender it is.  Don't even bother asking.  I have no, nada, zip maternal instincts/feeling of what sex it is.  Even if I did it would be wrong since I was wrong with both of the others.    
Grant was able to come to the ultrasound with me.  The baby was very calm.   The tech thought that it might've even gone to sleep during it.  She said it's probably already used to a lot of noise and bumping and prodding.  Everything looked very healthy and the measurements matched right up to the due date. She didn't even get a shot of what the sex was until the very end.  No, she does not write it down anywhere so not even Dr. T knows.   Enjoy looking at the little one.

"Hello Everyone"

High Five

I'm getting bigger and stronger

I love this leg shot.  I've never had one so good of the legs.

One belly shot I wish I would've taken was the day of my ultrasound.  I had fallen asleep outside in my bikini for an unknown amount of time the day before.  My stomach was so burned that it was purple.  As bad as it hurt is was pretty hilarious and humiliating.  Dr. T said she saw a lot of burned legs but not a lot of burnt bellies.  It was the kind that I would tell some one I burnt my tummy and they would laugh. Then I would show them and it would turn into a sympathetic "oh."  

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

We had a great Father's day weekend.   Grant's dad was in town so we had a good time swimming and spending time with him.  The kids and I went to my Grandpa Webb's reunion on Saturday.  Then on Sunday we had pizza and swimming at my house.  Josiah decided he was brave enough to jump all by himself.   Thank goodness, I was getting tired of catching him the whole time and getting splashed.  Lillian decided she was big enough to motor around the pool all by herself.  We still stay close, but sometimes she would get mad if you tried to touch her.  I have to say it was so fun and made the kids seem that much bigger.  Just last summer they were hanging on to us for dear life.  I guess next summer Jojo might be swimming and Lillian will be the one jumping off all by herself (if not by the end of this summer).  Then I will be bobbing around with another baby in a floaty.  I can't wait until they are all big enough so that I can lounge around and simply say, "Don't run, don't splash, and don't dive.  Can you please go get mommy another drink?" :)

Enjoy your summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The sneakster

Josiah now opens up the refrigerator/freezer doors and the child locks on the cabinets.  I'm always catching him with food now. The other morning I thought he was being really good while I slept in.  I heard the silverware, but figured he was just getting cereal.
He's just like his Daddy.  
Grant often eats a scoop of ice cream before breakfast.

Grant had a morning where he was home for a little bit .  So I let the kids eat breakfast on the couch with Daddy.  Josiah still talks about eating breakfast on the couch with Daddy "yesterday".

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soggy Bottom Girl

The other morning I didn't change Lillian's diaper as soon as she woke up (not new).  This was the mother load of all pee-pee diapers!  She didn't seem to mind at all.  She's such a goof ball.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1st time golfing

Today was Grant's first day off since March.  So all he really wanted to do today was sleep in, go to church and take a nap.  After he did both of those he was getting restless.  So I mentioned taking Jojo to the golf course with him.  Josiah was so excited.  We got his clubs, his golf bag, and his golf shorts on.  He was ready to go.  

Cute picture, but of course Lillian had to be in the way.