Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's been a long time

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile. Josiah has managed to mess up my computer. I can't get it to do anything, but a black screen that tells me to reboot. I hope I haven't lost all my pictures and other stored info. It's been so frustrating! Anyway, Jojo has been so much fun lately. His vocabulary is expanding at an incredible rate. he learns a new word every couple of days. Last time I counted we were up to 37, but he's picked up even more since then. His new thing is if you say "one" he'll say "two". It is so cute. He is still completely obsessed with tractors. Or as he says, "trac-tor." We are working on his pleases and thank you's, but they are pretty crude. We had a good eating week this week. I think it was the first time he ate something grown out of the ground in months. Thanks to Dana and her yummy home grown green beans cooked in bacon. We were able to visit with my cousin Josh and his family from Colorado this week. Hope (2) and Josiah have very similiar personalities and the same high frequency squeal. Dove (4 mos) was the first baby Josiah has been up close and personal with. He new she was a baby and wanted to hug and kiss her. Later, Kristina told me that his kiss turned into a bite. I did notice her black hair was wet afterward. As for Lillian, we are just in the waiting game. I have an appointment on Monday and I'm curious to see if I've progressed anymore this week. Last week I was 2cm, 75% effaced, +1 station (for the girls who care). I worked extra this week trying to get some appointments moved up. I'm still feeling good and really she can stay in there for another 2 weeks. If some of the sharp pains and contractions would let up that would be nice. The nice thing about progressing was it made me get my tushy in gear. I got her room put together, clothes bought and washed, and the pack n play put together. I started to pack, but just can't seem to get the bag out and be officially packed. Grant did a triathalon on a whim a couple of weeks ago and did quite well so I need to toot his horn for him. He ranked 4th in his age group (24-29 yrs) and 8th on his bike overall (somewhere in the 250 person range). So I'm very proud of him. Even though he wasn't going with a whole lot of expectations (he hadn't ran or swam in close to 2 months) he finished in 57 minutes. Last time when he did train his goal was 60 min and he finished in 1:01. So good job Grant! Well, hopefully I'll get my computer possibly going again and get some pictures posted. I know that's what really makes blogs fun. So have a good week everyone and maybe I'll be back with pictures of Lillian soon.