Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Month of May

There's many things I like about May besides being my birthday month, Jojo's, and Mother's day.
The weather gets warm...and cold....and hot.... but on the mild mornings I love going on walks with the kids.   I wish Josiah would hurry up and learn to ride his bike.  It would help the walks out tremendously.  That all hinges on getting his backed-over-by the car bike straightened out.

 I don't think it can be stated enough about these two.  They love. each. other.
All morning they have been playing dinos, cars, and legos together.
 Bathtime only gets more fun!
 Cuz Eddie stopped by from Brown County.  Since his momma was running the mini.  He wasn't quite sure what to think of Cora.
 May is also the time for the airshow.  We hiked it up 140 ft on top of the water tower to watch the show.  It was pretty cool because it was raining all around us.  We kept watching the radar.  It was to the east of us mainly though. 
 Since I'm doing May, Thank you to all the soldiers who gave there lives so that we may live and live freely.  
 I took a long weekend off from family to life to enjoy the sunny skies of Gulf Shores.  Grandma Star and I flew down to stay with Jerri in a beachside Condo.  There Jerri and I went to a 3 day music festival, The Hangout.  It was sooo much fun and relaxing.  Agenda: walks on the beach, sit under an umbrella for a couple hours, listen to some music at the festival, relax/nap, and some more music.  
This is the Biscuit King and the Fun Barn.  It's a place not far from Jerri's house.  It's home of the ugly biscuit.  I think it's been on the food network.  It's a big biscuit filled with egg, sausage, bacon, peppers, and I might be forgetting something.  It's good and only $2.39! 

 It has great "atmosphere" it has couches lining the other walls and a stage for music.  
This is a sign out front of the Biscuit King.  I can't help but finding it so funny.  

Happy Last Day of May.
bring on the summer!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girls' evening in

 The other night Josiah went golfing with Daddy and Eric.  That meant it was just the girls!!!  

 Lillian is becoming much more motherly these days.  She wants to hold Cora,soothe her, burp her, and feed her.   
 So the best investment for our house has been our pool cover.  Case in point.  
She managed to jot over onto it 2 times that night.  I was sitting at the patio table.  She's just gotten so fast and I'm not used to it yet.

 Lillian has been looking forward to painting herself her pottery since she got her Easter basket.   
 Well my little artist LOVES to draw on herself.  I know that someday she will be the first one to get a tattoo.  or maybe become a tattoo artist.  We'll see....

 I can look at her all day.  She is my cutie pie!
 Currently my screensaver.  I love my Lillian with her envious eyelashes.

 This is just one of those photos that captures the essence of Lillian.

Cora is everywhere now.  
We had her two check ups this past week.  
She is now a little over 15lbs and 26 1/2 inches long

Pulmonologist = still sounds rattly, pretty sure it's still reflux, wanna see her back in 3 months
G.I. doc= still reflux, put her on nutramigen (insurance will no longer cover her formula) wanna see her in 4 months

Rant: If I qualified for WIC I wouldn't be paying for private insurance! I HATE insurance companies.  I think all the jokes of hell and lawyers should definitely be switched to insurance companies. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Photos worth sharing

Some random ones I had flagged in iphoto.

Story:  This morning Josiah went out to the van in the garage to look for the ipod.  Later he said, "I peed on the van tire."  Obviously he was proud of himself even though that was what we had taught him do when he was 2.  Not as special now.  I went out to the garage to see if he was telling the truth or a story.  Yep a puddle/river of pee right in the middle of my garage.  

Josiah has been very imaginative lately.  He has a friend named "Mr. Fly" It's a fly that lives in our house.  He had a rock that was his friend named "Clover".  Clover is MIA.
The other day he was sitting in the booster in the very back of the van when his seatbelt was undone.  I asked why he undid his belt.  Reason: A bee flew in the window and unbuckled it. 

 Don't know how appropriate these are to share, but they are awful cute.

 He found our sporting goods cabinet.

 She found the lipstick in my car.
 I love this little one so much!
 As many of you know Anna and I spend many of our days "shopping".  Here's an insiders look at our clown car.  Unfortunately with the twins coming we'll have to split up our rides....or get a passenger van.
 My fascinator for the Royal wedding.
Trying out a new moby hold.  

Have a great week.  I'll have some new pictures to post soon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stay Like this Four-eb-er.

The old adage is true that time goes by faster as you get older.  The truth of it is that I'm not even 30 and I'm already wishing it would slow down.  My baby boy turned 4 today.  I pick him up almost every morning and tell him that I want him to stay little "forever." Then he asks,  "Why do you want me to stay little "for-eb-er?"  Of course, he wants to get big and strong.  Then I say, "Someday you will be so big and strong that you will pick me up." Then he will wrap his arms around me and try to lift.  I know I will have a major meltdown the day my feet come off the ground.  So I sit here at my computer getting all sappy and emotional because,  Josiah is... 4.  I'm loving (almost) every minute of him right now.  He's so imaginative, talkative, inquisitive, and talkative.  
Today it was all about him.  I let him plan his day out.  They aren't quite in order and I didn't get us starting the day out at dunkin donuts per his request. There was no party today, but the events just kept coming.  I'll share a few pictures from the day.

His new Star Wars Mini-fig shirt.

The wall of legos 
Build your own mini fig station

He looks at every box carefully taking in all the details.
Lillian, well... I don't know.
Train ride around the mall.

They don't come much cuter.

 We went to Jungle Club (the gym) in the morning.  He loves the skeleton pirate costume.

We went to see Rio (angry birds) in the evening with daddy.
When we first walked in he got scared, screamed and ran out.  

I had to wait with him until the commercials were over. 
 A few pictures with mom cheered him up.

 Opening his dirtbike, bmx, skateboard set with ramps from Aunt Kandy and Uncle Todd.

Lillian holding a tiny 3 day old kitten. 

             Grammy came in town for Jojo's birthday and made an AWESOME cake.  It had a Star Wars Spaceship on it.  All he could do was stare at it for the first 45 minutes of being there.
(This was Sunday night)
Kaylenn's 9th birthday was on the 1st

Cutie Cora Crawling around at the party.

Love, mommy