Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fun in the sun

We are ending our sick spell. After Jojo was done being sick Lillian and Grant got it. Sore throats and pink eye. Yuck! Lillian had a jaw tooth cut through this week. It is really bothering her. So strange. She has her bottom two and her top two are getting bigger. I just feel bad for her. I think it's the crankiest she's been since she was born. Josiah put this awesome outfit together. Lillian liked crawling in the water.
She kept eating the sand.
Josiah had fun playing in the sand. He wasn't too into the water. Except for the fish that hung out right by our feet. They kept biting Lillian's toes.
She had enough of the sand.
We drove out to Morristown for Derby Days. Josiah jumped in their bouncy houses. He had a good time. I bought some mint chocolate chip cookies and he called them gum cookies. He said they were minty like gum.
This is from a couple of weeks ago when we went to the fair.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We received a fun package in the mail this week. My sister had mailed Lillian this adorable bathing suit, Josiah a hose sprayer nozzle for kids (he thinks it's a gun), and Noah drew a great John Deere card for Jojo. Josiah has been sick since Friday with a fever. I think he might have a sore throat since he hasn't been talking. The kid normally talks from before he gets out of bed until bedtime. It would be a nice break if I wasn't so sad for him. We had to go swimming that night just so that I could put it on her.
I barely caught this in time. She had crawled up the stool by herself. Yes, that one foot is off and she fell the half second after I snapped the shot. Actually, I think she was in the process of falling when I was taking the picture, but I really wanted the picture. bad mom. hehe Luckily, she still has a rubber head and just kept going.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dinner anyone?

Last night after dinner I looked behind me to see Josiah on his hands and knees drinking out of Sadie's water bowl. I then went into my bedroom to change and thought, "hmm...sister's being awful quiet." I went into the kitchen and there she was munching on my dinner out of the trash. She was so proud of herself. Have I ever mentioned how much this girl like to eat?! I guess we don't need Sadie around. I'll just leave her bowl and the trash out and let the kids fend for themselves. hehe
Just an afterthought... Maybe she was up last night for 3 hours because she had a tummy ache from eating this (or maybe the 3 chicken nuggets and squash the babysitter gave her).
If only I could think that clearly at 3 am.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The narration of this post is at the end. I wasn't very organized and it probably should've been two post. Have a great day! Both of the kids loooove their Uncle Jacob. Here they come. After the parade I asked Josiah what his favorite thing about the parade was..."Horsey poop."
Grammy and Todd
She enjoyed driving.
Why not? I can fit.
Josiah loves to put my helmet on backwards and say, "Sunglasses". He's been doing this for awhile now and it seems like it wouldn't be very comfortable.
We've been running all around and there's not an end in sight. Grant's mom was in town with her new husband, Todd. We were able to meet him for the first time. He was really nice and got along great with the kids. We went down to Brown County for the Webb Reunion. It was a good time. Josiah loved playing with all the boys. Danny put on a great fireworks show. Lillian loved it!!! She would clap after each one. Josiah would either cover his eyes or put a blanket over his head. He would leave one eye peeking sometimes. Then on Sunday we went to the 4-H parade. He sat in Aunt Kandy's lap most of the time. I wanted to hold him a little, but he wanted to go back to Aunt Kandy and the candy. Lillian enjoyed waving,smiling, and clapping as the people rolled by. He loved sitting there munching on the sweets. It has been a fun weekend.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Tale of Two Heads

I don't have any pictures to go with this post... because pictures wouldn't do it justice. I have to share his quick story... While we were at Grandma Star's this weekend Jojo, Katherine (zach's g-friend), and I were sitting around. Josiah put his hands on the sides of his head and starts pushing up. He says, " It won't come off!" what won't come off? "My head"...pulling "it's stuck"... why is it stuck? " It's too big!!" It was hilarious. He was actually getting agitated because his head wouldn't come off of his body. Yesterday, he tried to take my head off and is still wrestling with trying to get his head to come off. Wow, this is definitely going in his journal. Also, Grant and I keep saying that we need to lower Lillian's crib. Well... today while I was vacuuming and she was "napping". She took a spill. I noticed her door was open with Josiah inside and she was crawling past her toy box. Talk about a pitiful site and feeling guilty. She wasn't crying that hard, no more than when Jojo throws objects on her. I think she might have landed on the top of her head, but it wasn't conclusive. Thanks goes out to Jacob for lowering the crib tonight. She won't have to nap in Jojo's room tomorrow.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. We had a busy afternoon celebrating Grant's Dad and Alma's Wedding Reception. It was fun. Too bad it rained the whole day. I forgot my camera at home so i wasn't able to get any pictures. Josiah ate a lot of cake. That's actually an understatement. I gave him a piece, then I saw him get two more pieces with other people. After hat he kept helping himself to the icing that was within his reach. His poop looked like blue icing straight off the cake this morning. Lillian was throwing the clothes out of Jojo's drawer. I love it that's she's starting to be naughty some. They were actually sitting there and playing well with each other. Josiah has been extemely rough with her lately. Today he had a box with two canisters of formula in it. She was crawling so he held the box directly over her head and let go! It hit her square on, but for some reason she didn't let out a peep. She's a tough little cookie. This was few weeks ago while my mom and I were in petsmart. She said you better move that canopy back so he can breath. I thought it was just barely resting on his head. I pushed it back and his head went with it. He was really lodged in there. Also, this is my new stroller that I'm in love with. The kids really like riding in it. Especially Lillian (if you can't tell), she did not like the tandem one where she had to sit in the back.