Monday, February 28, 2011

little lamzy divey

There are many nice things about having a farmer in the family: fresh produce, good examples of self discipline and hard work, big tractors, four wheelers, and the best... animals! Yesterday we went to see two lambs that were born on Feb 14th.  SO CUTE!  Of course Lillian the animal Lover was excited to see the cuties. 

Josiah staying safely away.  He was scared to go in the barn.  go figure...
I was so excited to hold the lamb!
Jennifer, eat your heart out :)
 Neighbor Madison came with us.  oh and Sadie too.  The momma sheep didn't like Sadie so much.

This is one of the goats they keep for someone.  Todd told me he though it might've been $7000 for this goat, who knew!
Three of the goats are pregnant so I can't wait to see their babies!

Jojo keeping his safe distance.
(He's sitting in my lap now and just asked "why was I scared?")

side note: He is totally into watching the 1970's cartoon Godzilla and Godzuki on Netflix. 

These two images may be disturbing for a few.  The top one was a squirrel and the bottom one is deer legs.  Our 15yr old cousin likes to hunt.  Uncle Todd likes to scare Josiah with the animals he brings home.  Todd told Jojo that the deer legs wander around looking for their head.  Needless to say, Josiah ended up in our bed that night.  Thanks a lot Todd...

Last night the Jones family came over for a visit.  Oliver is getting so big.  He is now 17 months old and then there is the newest addition to their family, Maxwell!  He is so cute and little.  I wasn't able to get a great picture of the cutester. 

Of course, my post wouldn't be complete without a picture Miss Cora.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Movie Premier

As many of you know, Josiah has had a slight interest in Disney Cars.  The other day we I lined them up to take pictures.  He loves to watch movies of other people cars on Youtube so I thought I'd make our own.  I know, so now I'm the slightly weird and a little obsessed one. I waited until he laid down for a nap so I could arrange them the way I wanted to.  Sometimes I divide his cars up and put them away because 1. he makes a mess of them and 2. it kills me to think that he might lose one.  RIP Leak Less
Enjoy my OCD

Show the little ones in your lives.  You might be surprised how much they enjoy it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Good Day Friend.  I thought I'd share a variety of pictures from this past week.

Christine took this picture this week.  Probably the best picture of Lillian yet.  She's smiling, her eyes are open, and her hair's not a complete mess.  This is what she looks like during her sweet moments.

 Josiah still loves to hold Cora.  This morning they were holding her and asked for their picture to be taken.

If you look closely you'll notice something...times up.  Her mouth is taped shut.  She was walking around with her pouty bottom lip sticking out. So Grant put tape on it to hold it in.  She looks miserable, but this is just her mastering her degree in drama.  She actually wanted it left on for awhile.

I guess there's a reason why there's buckles on seats.  I was in the bathroom sort-of-potty training with Lillian. She is scared to sit on top of the big toilet by herself.  So I had to choose between checking on the baby or sit with Lil for a minute.  I chose not to let go of my toddler's hands so she wouldn't be forever traumatized by me abandoning her (or to scare her from ever using the toilet).  I thought Cora was being really quiet and figured she fell asleep.  Well...she did, in the what looked like the most uncomfortable position possible.  Yes, her body is hanging off the chair, and no, her face is not buried in the fabric.

 Here she is comfortably readjusted where she continued to sleep peacefully for a long time. 
The End

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I had fun going out one day (the first time in 4 days to breathe fresh air actually) to shoot some of the fun ice art in my yard.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids gone wild

So I've never claimed to know everything about parenting, but lately I'm starting to rethink my laid back ways.  This was a big fiasco we had not too long ago.  I swear the antics they pull only get bigger as they grow bigger.  This was one day where they were driving me crazy so I put them in my bath tub for confinement while I got ready for work.  I caught them once with the golf magazine in the tub and I pulled it out, shot off some threats that if they did it again they were getting out.  A few minutes later there was the ominous silence... this is what I walked into find. 
 "O black water"
 Wait. What's that on Jojo's head...PAPER
 I begin scooping it out by the hand full with Lillian's help

 It was just too much disintegrated paper.  I had to put a colander over the drain while I let the water out. then go back over the jets with a toothbrush.
Being bad is such tiring work...but wait we aren't done!
 The wipes box always provides plenty of entertainment. Especially when we are supposed to be napping.

 Yes, she is actually sleeping with wipes on her head.

Hope you smiled and are thanking God that you aren't me right now;)