Friday, June 26, 2009

June Heat

Happy Father's Day! I know I'm almost a week late. Grant and I were talking and I said, "I can't believe this is your second FD." In Grant fashion he says, "Did you do the math?" Well, I guess this is actually his third Father's day. He is such a great Daddy.
Elias and his family came over to go swimming this week. I have quite a few pictures posted because I couldn't pick a favorite. Pre-swim in their swim diapers. Jojo giving Elias a hug. Look at how cute Elias's face is!
Jojo has become very brave of jumping off the edge.
He says, 1...2...7 !
How cute is this?
Todd was wore out from catching the boys. Elias was being silly and saying, "Eat Water." It's fun to see how they are developing humor.
Uncle Todd and Lillian.
Lillian ready for a swim.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Amanda's Magic

Another Birthday wouldn't be complete without a photo session with our beloved Amanda. Josiah held up fairly well. She sure did capture our little two year old boy. I dressed in him in this cute classic outfit that my sister had her boys pictures taken in. When we got home he had a rash all over his body and a 102 temp. I think he's allergic to fertilized or something.
I'll let the picture speak for themselves.
If you want to look at his whole collection go to ...portfolio...clients...password: Kissel Thank you Amanda!

Monday, June 15, 2009

1st Swim of the Season

Grant was home last Thursday evening so we thought we'd take the chance to go swimming. It was Lillian's first time in our pool. She loved it from the get go. Grant would bounce with her and throw her in the air. She was really laughing. I love how easy going she is.
Now Josiah on the other hand. Let's just say he had to warm up to it. Once he saw how much fun Sister was having he wanted to be thrown up also. He really liked counting to 3 and jumping off the edge to me. I know he will enjoy it more as the summer goes on. Sister decided to crawl into the "sand box".
I thought this picture was funny because she looks bigger than he does.

Monday, June 8, 2009

and she's up!

Lillian's been pulling up for week and half now. I'm little behind on downloading my pics and blogging. She loves to be standing. She is getting a little brave and letting go here and there. The little girl loves to eat also. She's pretty much only eating table food now. I'll give her baby food only if there's stuff on our table that she shouldn't be eating. It's hard to think in the next few months that she'll be walking. Time is going by so fast.

Boating on Brookville

Last Monday the kids and I drove down to Brookville to go boating with Weewaw and Papaw. I don't know if I've mentioned this to anyone, but the kids have been driving me crazy lately. :) We definately needed a change of scenery so I thought we'd drive down there, boat a little while then come home. Well, we had such a great time we stayed all day. Josiah fed some ducks, Lillian played in a bowl of water, I read a magazine, and we all took some goooood naps. It was so much fun. It'll be fun when the water gets warmer to take the kids swimming in a lake. Weewaw with the kids. Lillian didn't stay in her suit long because she'd fall over backwards in it when trying to sit up and couldn't lean forward to crawl. It was quite constricting.
His little butt looked so cute.
Jojo loved driving.
Lillian thought it was fun too.
It was a two thumbs up day!
Thanks W & P.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ellie and Jojo

Ellie had her second birthday on May 22nd. Her and Josiah are 20 days apart. Dawn sent me the pictures she has taken of them together for the past 2 years. They are so cute! She took Josiah to the zoo for her birthday. Happy Birthday Ellie!
I can't believe how big they are !!!