Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quick Picture Post

Once again our internet is being temperamental.  I'm just going to try to download some quick pictures while we have a connection.

 The kids on Uncle Jeffy's new motorcycle.
 Our other house guest, Alice, when Jake and Emily came for a visit.

 So the next few pictures are from when we spent a couple of hours at g & g Webb's.   Nothing like a southern grandma who makes you fried corn cakes with blackberry jam upon your arrival.  It was quicker than getting a burger at McD's.  

The always inventive Papa Billy made a fun toy with a box and seatbelt.  He comes up with the best stuff!

Ok, the next 3 are from when we had a fire and roasted hotdogs and smores. It was just the 5 us (dad came down to get a hotdog).  It was lots of fun.  Jojo and Grant slept in the tent for the night.  Jojo thought it was AWESOME.

 So these two picture are, yes... the BIGGEST BLOWOUT ever!!!
Poo puddle on the floor, then she crawled around continuing to spread it around. The only thing I could do was put her in the bathtub to confine her until I could get it cleaned up.

 Grandpa was in town last week so we had a few days to get in the pool.  
 Notice he is just down to his swim jacket minus the swimmies.

 Cora's cute little wrinkled feet...
....and her cute face.

Whew... it actually held up long enough for me to get it done.  Hope you enjoyed!