Saturday, September 29, 2012

We love Lucy

I've been falling behind lately because of this cute mutt here.

Grant found Lucy 3 weeks ago dumped along a country road in the middle of nowhere south of Terre Haute.  He thought he saw a big squirrel and pulled over to check it out.  Poor little puppy was beyond filthy and lonely.  Grant took her right in (he's wanted another dog for years).  He had her bathed and vaccinated before he even brought her home to meet the family.

It's taken a bit to get her spiffied up. She was covered in an oily film.  I've taken, no exaggeration, 50 ticks off of her.  She was coated in fleas, might have mange (mites), and we are taking care of her worms.  yuck!

So far she has a wonderful personality! We aren't use to having a dog around that wants to please us.  She loves people, kids, and most of all Grant!  She wants to love Sadie, but Sadie is making that part a little difficult...

It's taking me a bit to adjust to having her.  I didn't want one more thing under my feet, to feed, bathe, or clean up poop after. However, like children, she'll be worth it in the long run ;)
At least we got a super duper cute pup. 

Sadie didn't mind her around too bad while she was digging.
Lucy was really really excited to watch.

 These are from her first full day home.

she was about 8 weeks old when found
7.5 lbs
she was in a ditch with no houses around, and Grant didn't see a mother
maybe a beagle/ collie mix
if you have any ideas on breed mixes we are all ears
Grant is smitten with her and Lillian is in love.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lillian's 4th Birthday

Where does time go?

Lillian is now officially 4 years old!
 (she's felt "four" for much longer)

In all her Lillian-quirky-ways she is one very special little girl.  She never ceases to crack us up with her imagination and goofiness. 

Lillian still like dinosaurs but this year is fully immersed in kitty cats! She takes after her aunt Jenny and is a true blue "animal girl".  She wanted to get a kitty for her birthday, but someone else decided to show up so we nixed the kitten idea for now.  

One morning while we were lying in bed

                                         Grant: Lillian what kind of cake do you want?
Lillian: a kitty cat cake!
Grant: What color?
              Lillian: A purple kitty cat cake!

So there you have it.
  Lillian helped Grammy make a purple kitty cat cake :)
Thank you Grammy!!!
( that is face paint on her face)

Rubbing it in to Josiah that she got a $10 bill.

Happy Birthday Sweet Lillian!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

handlebar, fu man chu, walrus, artist

So what do two moms and three sons do for fun?
Play in an arcade for an indefinite amount of time, eat an all -you- shouldn't- eat buffet for lunch and dinner, and then take lots of pictures with fake mustaches!

My adorable boy!

 Chester who?

Thanner's matched his hair too well!

I don't know why everyone thinks we look alike ... must be the facial hair.
Too cool for school.
I think that's the biggest smile I got from him the whole time we was here!

Great Memories!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


How does Lillian feel about disappearing ink?

 Not on the Meme!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fair weather fair

 This year when we headed over to Hancock county fair we hit it on the perfect day... right before it surpassed 100'.  We always go on Wednseday at noon for grilled pork burger day. yum!

 Lillian being my adventure girl had lots of fun riding whatever ride she could.  
The ride man had to stop the dragon after it's first loop so that we could pull the terrified Jojo off.

This one is a funny story.  It's Lillian consoling Josiah after I had to climb through to the top of the fun house to force him out of it.  The worker couldn't get him out so off I went trying to not make too big of scene while my sissy boy screamed and my mother chatted unaware with who know who. 
Jojo taking a breather in the stroller while his sister continue to have fun.

Poor Cora was heart broken that she was too small for the rides.  I finally was assertive enough to get her onto this one.  I politely asked if she could ride it with her big brother and the worker told me no that he'd lose his job.  Literally the next ride around he let a girl smaller than Cora on... I was mad! So I went up there as she was getting off and pointed out that Cora was bigger than her! That took a lot for me to do... yea me!  It completely made Cora's day!

Josiah resting while Lillian rode the roller coaster again.
Finishing the day off with some dairy barn milk shakes:)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Go Colts

One day this summer we headed down to the stadium for a free open house.  We timed it perfect where we had great parking and  easy access to everything there.  

It was the first time for Mom, June bug, and the kids to go check out where the Colts play.
I igured this was one of the few opportunities to get the kids decked out in there Colts gear.

Let's hope with some Luck we will have a great football season!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hanging with the Jones'

Since we sadly couldn't have fireworks this year I picked up some (world's worst) sparklers and              poppers.  We had a great time feasting, swimming, and playing with the kids.

 I think they were more excited before we even attempted to light them.

 Mr. Max

 This picture cracked me up because it looks like Dustin in try to light Oliver on fire. 

Happy 2 month belated 4th of July!