Sunday, December 15, 2013

The kitchen sink

It's not what you think.

After the fun day at Animal Kingdom we rested/played at the pool until dinner.
Since we were on vacation we decided to have ice cream for dinner...only ice cream.

Yes. We are the coolest parents ever.
 We ate at Peaches n cream.  
The ice cream parlor right by the pool at our resort.
 When you order "The kitchen sink" the lights go down, a siren thing/ song goes off, a bright siren light starts flashing, and then the all the servers say something and then the rest of the restaurant responds with "the kitchen sink"  It was a big deal... that I was not expecting!
 4 kinds of ice cream, cake, brownies, orange slices, candy bars, sprinkles, strawberries, bananas, different kinds of syrup, whipped cream, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. 
You name it, it was on there! Except, we ordered no nuts.
 Take note it actually looks like a sink.

 We just couldn't quite finish it off.
We made a HUGE dent though.

I tried to recreate the "cruise ship" creations for my kids.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was great! 
 For all the different opinions we had heard on it we didn't have much expectations and had planned on it being a shorter day. 

It was amazing.  Right up our family's alley.  I didn't take a lot of pictures that day.  My camera started getting in a funk and I didn't want to waste moments I could be enjoying fooling with my device.   
This was after the Safari (wonderful) and train ride we took to get back to the petting zoo and vet clinic.
There weren't any medical procedures going on much to Lillian's dismay.

However we ran across this guy! 
Rafiki from the Lion king and received our first autographs. 

 Grant was really enjoying the goats.
 This was the kids first thing in the morning waiting to take the bus.
 The detail throughout the park was so cool.  I wish we could've had more time to just enjoy the small things.  I felt there could've been so many off the beaten path cool spots.

 Touching a snake.
 Lillian was in hog heaven.
 This was after we got off the DINOSAUR ride.  It was exciting and intense.  
Josiah wouldn't go back on it and Lillian jumped back in line with Daddy to do it again.
 This was our view while eating lunch.  
This park is just so pretty.

 Final ride of the day.  
This is more of Josiah's dino speed.
Headed back to the hotel with their new toys in hand.

I will mention we went to a Lion King broadway style show that was amazing! 
Next time we go I will definitely allow more time there.  I would also love to stay at the resort that overlooks the African Plains.  I can say it was not a zoo and even though there weren't many rides we could ride the experience of just walking through was great.  It is much bigger than the other parks so it took more time to get between attractions. That made it a tiring time for the kids.