Thursday, August 9, 2012

and so it goes

So day two went much smoother.  

 We went out to the driveway at 8:00 so that there would be no possible way to miss it.

BTW my bus schedule time is set at 8:12.

Then at 8:04 we see the big yellow bus heading our way!

He hops right on... 

turns around to give me a wave...

then drives away... while I'm holding back tears.

That was so much harder than taking him to the school.  
Seeing the bus pull away really felt like it was taking a piece of my heart with it.

Side note:  My mom was trying to come over to see him get on the bus, again, and she was the next driveway down when he was getting on. So she got out of her truck to take pictures from the street.   The driver asked me, "do you know who that is?" I should've denied her so that the police would come get the crazy bus stalker lady :)

The girls just chilling in the driveway.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kindergarden? what!

Wow... that just happened!

I can't believe my baby boy went to his first day of "real" school.  whew... still reeling.

We had a fun time preparing him for school.  He loved the shopping for supplies, getting new shoes, and lots of talk about riding the bus (more on that later). 

My mom and sister arrived that morning to watch Josiah get on the bus and what an exciting time it was.

While we were waiting we got lots of pictures,

He decided he needed to take a poop 
(I threatened him that it needed to be the quickest poo of his life)

His sister needed to find her sunglasses so she could take a picture with him,

and then nothing....

We missed the bus!

I waited around until school start time thinking the bus was just running late. 
Nope.  The bus had come 10 minutes early so that we missed it!!!

What a bummer for the first day of school.  The magical mystery bus we've talked about for years did not show it's big yellow self.  

So what do I do?  I started barking out orders to "Get in the car, NOW"

We got there on time.  Just in time to see his bus unloading.

Josiah finding his desk in the front row.
It was so hard not to go up there and help him find his name :(

He was such a big kid. 

They sure were glad to be together again after their hours of separation.

Oh yeah, and I did have to take Lillian inside of Jo's school wearing the worst Pj's possible.  
i.e. see picture of waiting for the bus.

Stay tuned for Day 2.

Will we make the bus?