Saturday, January 15, 2011

I've been back to work for 2 weeks now and it's going great.  I've enjoyed being appreciated again and the kids have adjusted easily to having a babysitter back.  Unfortunately we haven't been getting out much.  I'm becoming lazy and unmotivated to get the kids in and out of the car.  With that being said the kids are bouncing off the walls with cabin fever.  I will gladly arrange pick ups for anyone who wishes to enjoy vibrant little children.  

These are some adorable hats my grandma's, June Bug, friend made for the kids.  I love them. The kids were funny about getting their pictures taken.  Josiah (who normally loved the camera) was refusing, and Lillian was hamming it up.  Cora, well she did the best she could before folding over in half without a backbone.

 I loved getting a few exta pictures of Cora.  She has such a sweet smile.  I should report that we saw the specialist this week for a follow up and everything checked out well.  We won't need to go back until she is 6 months.  This past week has been a really great week with her.  I think there were a few days where she didn't even cry!  She is also waking about once a night now around 4am.  She just takes a bottle laying down so she never really even wakes up much.   I'm feeling much more rested and so is she.

I thought Lillian was in the bathroom with Grant.  Nope. She was playing in my makeup.  She did such a great job.

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


 We left the day after Christmas to visit Grammy, Grant's mom, in Alabama.  I had not been down there since Jojo was 8 weeks old. We were long over due and I was nervous about the trip.  The kids did great there and back.  Thanks to the new dual dvd players Santa brought them and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  

 This is pretty much how they looked the whole way down.

 Under the bomber.  The bombs are right above Grant's head.
 I was very impressed with this airplane.  We didn't feel like doing the USS Alabama tour so we just checked out the things around the parking lot.  The wing span on this beast was huge.  She had a cute name though.

 On the most decent day we had there Grammy took the kids and I to the beach.  

 This is the one picture I took of Cora...she's beneath the brown wrap.
 It was so windy the only place we could find shelter from the wind for our picnic was by the Christmas tree and the parking lot.  Look at the flag and the family by the red box:)
Poster child for Yoo-hoo

This was part of the shipping yard in Mobile.  I wish we could've had access to see where they were actually loading the ships.

Thanks Grammy for the wonderful week.  We had lots of fun and miss you already!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How many?

Merry Christmas to You and your kin!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  All of Grant's family was able to make it in to town for the holiday.  This being Cora's first Christmas made it special.  Even though I failed to get her pictures taken in her dress (at target).  Sorry Cora, you are the 3rd child.  I understand and have forgiven my mom as I expect you will do for me someday. Being the baby does definitely have it perks, but we'll talk about that down the road.  Anyway... enjoy the mile long photo stream.

#1 John and Christine
We are started out our Christmas with the Forcums.  They took the kids to Christmas at the zoo and then we did presents.

 All the kids received disney blankets with their names and the hallmark voice books.

#2 Christmas Eve Lunch with Grandpa and Grandma Kissel
at our house
 Thankfully they brought huge Subway platters.  I love not cooking!

#3 Grandma Star's Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve we were at Grandma's house for the annual gag gift exchange.  It was a fun evening.  I have lots of funny pictures from the night, but I would bore those of  you that don't know the family.

 Starlena played some carols
 Uncle Elf Kurt
 Jacob played his harmonica for us
 Josiah used his impressive photography skills
 Josiah was thrilled with his "pit crew" guys
 Lillian loved her princess outfits and jammies
I was very excited for my new "egg pan"  I have had the same one for 10 years that I use every morning for my eggs, but since we've added more children to the equation I've out grown my old pan. 

#4 Christmas Morning at our house.  
The kids slept in because they were so tired from the night before.

#5 Christmas morning at Grandma Star's for breakfast

#7 Christmas lunch at My parents

 The kids waiting to open their presents.
 The family quilt Anna made for my mom

#8 The Kissel Christmas at night
 All 28 (I think) family members from 5 different states were here 

 This is the way I see our family in my mind, except Cora isn't screaming her head off
"Just keep smiling and no one will notice your crazy kids or the bulging veins in your arms trying to force your children into place."

Here's my Christmas Cutie.

Needless, to say we were busy without having a Reilly or Webb Christmas which we celebrated at Thanksgiving.  Whew!