Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jo Goes to the Dentist

Most people love getting their hair done... I love getting my teeth cleaned.
So needless to say I was very excited for Josiah's first dentist trip.  I even videotaped it if you would be interested in seeing it ;)  Weird, I know.  I had taken him with me twice before so he would know what to expect.  He did awesome!  I might've even gotten a little teary-eyed (weird, again).  I think it's cool that  we have 4 generations that see him regularly. 

Anyway, enjoy my big boy. 

Jojo taking Lillian a ride.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jojo's in Pre-K

I can't believe my little boy is entering the school world or me as a parent (I'm not old enough). I remember him being a high energy baby/toddler and wishing for the day that he was sent to school so I would get a break.  Now that it's here and he calmed down dramatically at his 3rd birthday, I wasn't as excited as I had been.  
He has been very excited to go to school.  I've been nervous about being on a schedule and all the driving.  Oh  well, it's what has to be done.   He was such a big boy about everything.  We went and got him a Star Wars backpack. Then at back to school night he was so excited to get a folder from the teacher that had a bunch of papers for me to fill out.  He was actually ok with me taking so many pictures.  Drop off wasn't so bad (I didn't cry) but Lillian did.  She was screaming her head off as was Cora so that when the teachers came out for pick up they all looked over at my van like it was on fire. It was that loud from across the parking lot.  haha  Josiah went right on in without a look back.  What a big boy!

on the way
waiting for the teacher to come out. 
He did great on his first day.  I was traumatized by being late to pick him up (long story) on his first day of preschool.  He said he had fun, that a kid was being really bad and mean to everyone, he didn't get chocolate milk, and he wants to go back.  

I can't wait to see what this year brings...whether I'm ready or not. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Love this girl!

My Grandma asked me for a picture of Cora the other day for her house.  I went to my computer and realized the last good picture I had of Cora was when she was 4.5 months old.  I decided I better try to get some decent ones since she is now coming up on 9 months.  

 She has her bottom two teeth....
 She just started standing up right where she is without holding onto anything.... 
(as of July 31)

.... and blowing bubbles.
Josiah loves on her any chance he gets.

 I needed to add a couple of my darling Lillian.

Have a great day!

Summertime= pool parties

Aunt Karen was in town from Colorado and gave the kids some GREAT swim lessons.  The kids gained confidence in the water and 3 weeks later they are now swimming without their lifejackets.  It make me pretty nervous though that they are SO confident in their swimming skills.  Josiah told me that if Cora crawled in he would jump in and save her.  yikes!

 Anna and Jensen rocking' their summer hair
 Cora zonked during a busy day

Sophia had her 5th birthday party at Wendy's pool
 Luke and Nina catching some rays, drinking a cold one, while chillin on a raft in the pool 

 Lillian more interested in the fish than swimming.

Happy Summer Swimming to you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Got Goat?

Cora had a first Doctor's appointment since we started on her new and improved formula.... 

 I'll back up a bit and give the brief Low Down on her.  She was fussy and miserable from the time she was born.  By four weeks I took her to her Dr. and started what was a stressful month or so of figuring out what was wrong with our little girl.  Turned out she had a milk protein allergy and acid reflux (Thank God, after what we were having to prepare her for) After cutting Dairy from my diet, then trying nutramigen, we ended up on Elecare.  Elecare is a prescription formula that we ordered from the pharmacy which insurance covered with a $25 copay.  Sweet!!!  She had been on Elecare a couple of months but was still very raspy while breathing so we were sent to Pulmonologist. He linked it back to the acid reflux linked to the allergy. Anyway, We changed insurance and they gave me the whopper that they would not cover the formula.  I had to figure something out considering I didn't/couldn't pay $600/month for formula.  I followed my motherly intuition (which I don't have often) and decided to make Cora's formula myself.  I did lots of research and found this formula recipe which I tweaked a bit myself, because I felt it was the most complete and was not too crazy (no, I'm not putting pureed raw liver in my baby's bottle, yuck) 

2cups Goat Milk
2cups enriched rice drink
1/2t probiotics
1t calcium magnesium
1t multivitamins
1t iron
2t flax seed oil
10 drop trace mineral
I prayed ALOT about the decision to makethis.  I was terribly nervous because it would be my sole responsibility to nourish her properly.   I had family and friends praying: that she would like the taste, respond well to it, I  would have the discipline to make it everyday, and that I would not be in denial if she wasn't doing well on it.  

God also gave me some very obvious "confirmations" that this was the right thing to do.  I asked my aunt who has a farm if she knew of any milking goats.  She said, "Actually, the ones in our barn (that I saw give birth) are milking right now until the end of the fair.  They will take home the milk and pasteurize it for you then bring it back and they don't want any money."  Really?!! Could it be anymore obvious...
This is one of the goats I saw born who was responsible for getting the milk flowing :)

So in conclusion, Cora went to the Dr. today she was very pleased with her growth, her breathing, and she didn't think I was a complete wacko ;)