Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I haven't sat down to update pictures lately. Here is a "picture post" to update you on new accomplishments. This is what happens when daddy sits him down at the table with cereal and a truck by himself.
I couldn't resist posting this one when I saw his face in the background.
This is what happens the same morning while mommy is getting ready.
It was close to a shark feeding frenzy once Lillian came over to get some, Sadie was snatching them up, and I'm trying to clean them up, all the while Josiah's mad that he can't have what he called his "big cereal."
Lillian is very into self feeding. She will bite the spoon and not let go until I give her the spoon to feed herself.
My solution: give her a spoon while I feed her with a different one.
Jojo all wrapped up in Sister's headbands.
He grabbed them quickly and I forgot he had them until he came in trying to say "edban"with those in his mouth. It quickly morphed into his version of a helmet which I'll have to post another time.
Lillian with Jensen.
He is such a good little boy and not to mention way too stinkin' cute. She was so excited to have him around for the day. So much so she couldn't quite keep herself off of him. She did get really jealous when I'd give him a bottle.
Jojo with his "me-me" and Sophia with her "nonnie"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We have found Lillian's new favorite food. Spaghetti. The girl loves it! I hope these pictures show her excitement. She has really started showing more interest in walking this week. She did take 2 steps and she goes really fast when she holds onto my fingers.
Dawn gave us the movie, Cars, yesterday so Josiah has been wanting to watch "Race Cars" a lot. He picked out a pair of Cars tennis shoes last week. So I figured it was time for him to watch the movie. He's been sweet lately. I can't believe how old he's starting to seem. Tonight when we were watching cartoons he started laughing when a bird popped a bubble. He also has started singing more.
Grant took me out on a really nice date last night. We went to eat at Legends in Irvington. It was so relaxing. Then we went to a Tori Amos concert downtown. Grant got the tickets from a dj he's been playing golf with. The seats were awesome. 8th row...dead center. The show was fantastic. Grant really out did himself. It was a wonderful evening because we weren't running late, didn't get lost, and didn't have to worry about rushing home. Thank you Grant!
Luckily tomato sauce doesn't irritate her skin like Josiah's.
This was one of her Christmas presents I opened up tonight. She liked pushing it around the house. Of course Josiah would hardly leave her alone.
I really haven't captured a good picture of her standing on her own.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Josiah had fun playing with the new sprayer Aunt Jenni sent him. He was actually a little unsure just what to do with it. Lillian was interested in it except for when she was in the line of fire. He liked washing rocks.
Sister was at his mercy. Poor thing. Don't worry I did step right in.
I think we might have to replace our dishwasher door soon. That's Josiah's "I know what I'm doing is bad but you can't get mad at this face."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome Charlie

We went over to Dave and Carla's last night. We were able to meet Charles who was born in June. He is so cute! I was surprised to see that he looked nothing like David when he was a baby. Next year Charlie and Lillian will be playing together. The boys had a blast playing together. It's so cute because their vocabulary, tone of voice, and activity level is all the same. The "boys" with all the kids. Two years ago when Jojo was born... ...and two years later.
David sharing his cookie with Lillian.
There they go down the hall.