Monday, May 17, 2010

Kids just wanna have fun

The crazies have been keeping my busy lately.  We've been loving all the nice weather, but it still hasn't kept us from being wild inside.  Few updates:  Lillian has been telling us when she poos and pees for a few months, but now she's showing a little interest in the toilet.  She has started counting to 3 and is enjoying trying to sing.  I thought she would never talk, but her vocabulary is definitely coming in all at once.  She is very mischievous and sneaky.  I feel like I'm calling her "Willy" more and more often.  One because the name Lillian doesn't seem to fit her at this time in her life and two she is a "slick willy."
Josiah has been such a mama's boy lately.  He loves only me and I'm his only friend.  I try to explain that he can have lots of friends and love lots of people (starting with daddy would be nice).  He is doing awesome with his letter recognition.  We will be in the middle of something and he'll just blurt out "there's a J" and sure enough it'll be around.  On his little computer he got for his birthday he often gets 10 out of 10 for matching his letters.  As always, he does things on his own time.

This was one day when she just wanted to sit on it.  Two days ago though she peed in it 3 times though. I'm not try to potty train right now, but how can I tell her no when she ask.  Her reward for peeing in the potty is simply getting to wipe with toilet paper.  She's always been easy to please. :)

Beware!!!  Lillian loves ink pens.  When I say love I mean she loves to run as quickly and quietly as she can and draw on everything she can before you catch her.  This was a good day because it was only on herself.  I have marks of my artists on many walls and most pieces of furniture.  I found hand sanitizer takes pen off of microfiber the best.  

Jojo saw what fun she had and had to try it himself or he just wanted his picture taken also.
I think he realized it kind of hurt to draw on your own tummy. Look at how red Lil's skin is.

This is what happened last week while I was blogging.  He found out how to make his own bubbles and be fireman Sam.

I love moments like these.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bubble wonderland

Quite often when I need to get ready easily I put the kids in the tub.  Josiah wanted to turn on the jets to make bubbles.  I poured the bubbles, turned the jets on, then I forgot I had just put bubbles in.  I'd say the jets were on somewhere between 1-3 minutes.  Long enough to make the bubbles massive.  They were literally coming to the top of Lillian's head.   It looked like a giant cloud of wonderland bubbles.  Except the kids kept getting their faces covered and then they'd get mad.

Mom, I'm not sure.  These are really deep bubbles.
This is awesome.
The abominable bubble girl
His beard
Having more fun as the bubbles decrease

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My biggest baby is 3!

We've been celebrating Josiah's B-day since Apr 23 and have his last celebration this weekend.  It's been a fun year.  He's been so excited and tells you that his birthday is May 2nd.  He's been talking about what he's wanted since January.  The most constant was a Spiderman dirt bike.  I find it so funny because we have never watched Spiderman and I don't even know if it's a cartoon that's still on tv.  So we got the next best thing and got him a spiderman bicycle.  He doesn't know how to ride a bike, but we figured this would be the summer he would learn.  
The past three years have been so fun and wonderful.  I never expected to have a child like Josiah, but then again I don't know if anyone ever really gets what they expect.  He makes me laugh everyday, smile everyday, yell everyday, and love everyday.   Just as the last three years I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you.