Friday, April 23, 2010

Joys of a boy

I have two stories for anyone who decides to continue reading.   You always hear mothers say, "Oh, what it's like to be a mother of a boy!"  Well, I've had my first taste... smell...errr... let's just say moment of being a mother of a boy.  Now, I get the boy play, toys, sense of humor, etc.  I'd also say it's safe to say (and my mother would agree) that I've always been a tom boy with a boy's sense of humor.  "Lewd Crude, and Rude" that what my mom would say.   What can I say I was a Daddy's girl.    Well, the past two days have been somewhat beyond even what I can stand.    The first one was the latter incident, but not as gross.  I'll save the other for last for those of you who decide to stop.  

Yesterday Josiah was out in the yard playing with sister.  When I finished washing dishes I went out to check on them.  I noticed Jojo's pants were on funny and his shirt was tucked into his underwear.  That meant one thing.  He had gone pee in the yard.  He's very into peeing in the grass where ever he's at and watching Sadie poop in the grass.  So I asked him if he had peed in the grass and this is out the conversation went.

mom:  Did you go pee?
jojo: No, I went poop in the grass
mom: show me where (so sister won't get in it)
jojo: walks and points
mom: where, right here?
jojo: Yeah, Sadie ate it. 
mom: are you sure?
jojo: yeah

I look in his pants and of course there are plenty of skid marks.  Let get clean undies on.

mom: why did you poop in the grass
jojo: Sadie poops in the grass!

Then this next story actually made me throw up in my mouth!  

I was driving and Josiah sneezed.  "Mommy I need a kleenex. I have snot".  I look back and see it's not that bad so I tell him to wipe it on his sleeve.  Normally if I'm in my van I have a kleenex box right next to me prepared for these incidents.  " Mommy, I have a boogie!"  I look back to see the biggest grossest booger.  I starting searching for something, anything to give him.  Dirty napkin.  "Here Jojo use this!"   He just looks at me and smiles and then opens his mouth.  Vomit...swallow.   I continue looking forward, breathing, and just can't look back.  I can here him literally chewing, like it's a piece of gum.  Now that's disgusting!  Then I finally say, "Jojo we don't eat boogies."   

Jojo's reply, of course, 
"Sadie eats boogies."  

Maybe this is just preparing me for loose teeth and scabs.  vomit.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  We had good one.  Started the day out by going to church with my mom and dad, then headed over to Granny Star's for some yummy lunch.  The weather was perfect for an Easter egg hunt and coloring eggs.  
Jojo with his awesome grabber.

He was able to really get into it this year.

This was Lillian's first year of getting to gather her own eggs.

She had a lot of fun opening them up to find money inside.

Josiah rolled in the dough.  I think he ended up with around $10.

Lillian with her Papaw.  

Coloring eggs at June Bug's.

Of course Lillian was the only child that ate an egg.  She figured it out on her own.

Afterwards, they were just hanging out on the steps together with no one around.  Jojo is shooting his watergun while eating a bunny ring.  Lillian is eating candy while checking out her new toy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby's First Picture

We finally had our first Dr. appointment yesterday.   It was a fun appointment.  Grant was rushing to get there since the Dr is normally very prompt. Of course, he ends up getting a speeding ticket only for the Doc to be running over an hour late.  Then Grant had to leave to get to work so he didn't even get to go in with me!  I was bummed.  Dr. T couldn't find the heartbeat (happened with jojo also) so we were able to get this cute little picture.  Yep, I got to see the heart beating instead.  I was surprised at how developed  the baby already is.  The baby was flipping all around and throwing it's arms up.
You can see the arms are up by it's head.  

due date? October 21
finding out gender? No, not until the baby is born
Do we want a specific sex? Grant would like a boy, I'd prefer a boy, but would love to dress 2 little girls alike.
morning sickness? very minimal, and no vomiting, yeah
Names?  We have a boy's name and are still taking suggestions for a girl.  Feel free to suggest under comments.
Did we plan for this one?  Yes and people do ask this all the time
Are we going to have more?  This will be our last
Am I going to lose my mind? Probably

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Piggy Tails

I finally put Lillian's hair in piggys! Her hair is still growing in uneven so I had to put it into 3 tails.  She looked so much cuter than I expected and she didn't try to take them out once!  That's partly why I've waited so long.  She always rips her barrettes out in two seconds.  Anyway, I'm a hairdresser that can say I've finally tried to fix my daughters hair (It only took me a year and a half).  You know, because clients think that I must sit at home all day fixing/playing with Lil's hair.  

So I'm showing this picture somewhat as a warning for everyone.   Josiah gets a reaction to sunscreens and/or tomato products.  I'm trying to figure out which ones he can use.  As far as the tomatoes go it mainly causes burn/hive/rash looking things on his cheeks.  So just wipe his face often and clean up asap.   I have one sunscreen I know he doesn't react to, but I may not always remember to bring it.  So far we've had reactions to AD-ONE and Waterbabies.  I'm trying to keep a running list.  It never really bothers him and in this picture the coloring is enhanced so you can see it. enough of that.
Lillian and Jojo wearing their helmets walking around the yard.  Lillian didn't last too long.  It was slightly too top heavy for her.  Then they got on the Gator and drove all around our and the neighbors yard.  It was so cute.  I'll get some pictures of it soon.  Josiah liked to watch the wheels turn so I had to remind him to watch where he's going.  It was the first time that he really steered it all by himself somewhat safely.  Lillian thought it was awesome just to ride around.

So I was super excited to see my Liverwort in bloom.  Since I had my camera with me I thought I'd snap a few while my children ran wild.  For anyone that doesn't look at pictures that don't have people in them this isn't for you.

The bottom two are my "Avatar at Night" photos. 
I wish I could be on a planet where the flowers glowed at night.