Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Grant and I did a sprint triathalon on Sunday. It was a gloomy day but we made it. The motivation was hard to find on a cold rainy day. We had fun with Jess, Dustin, and Ryan. Grant finished 5th in his age group. I on the other hand...finished.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lillian's Dedication

Today was Lillian's Dedication at our church. Park Chapel does such a nice baby dedication service. I couldn't help but getting tears in my eyes during out "vows" to raise Lillian in a Godly way. I like knowing that we will be held accountable by our friends and family who want nothing but the best for Lillian. She wore her Easter dress so I'm glad to post some pictures of her in her fancy clothes. Please say a prayer of blessing for Lillian and for our direction.This was on the projector
She received a bible and a frame
GG and TT Reilly
Weewaw and Pawpaw
June Bug and Papa Webb
Mommy and Daddy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rock and Roll

Lillian is on the move. For over a week now she has been up on all fours rocking. She has moved her hands and one leg then she falls. For about a month she has been rolling to get where she wants to go, but she found there is another way. On Friday she started belly crawling. I told mom when I dropped he off in the morning that today was the day she was going to start crawling. She doesn't quite have her belly off of the ground but she goes forward in a straight line to get to what ever she wants. I can't believe how big she is getting!
They have been playing so well together. Josiah shares really well with her unless someone else is around.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a very busy Easter this year. Last night Aunt Tine-tine and Uncle John came over for a taco dinner and brought along an amazing Easter basket cake. Then we actually made it to the 8:30 service this morning. After church we came home tried to get naps in. Then we headed over to Grandma Star's. We stayed there for a bit then went to stop #2. The Kissel family dinner. We had lots of good food, I wanna give shout out to the cheesy hashbrown casserole. After we ate Jojo got to have his own private egg hunt. He wanted to open each egg up as he went to get the candy out. Uncle Todd would open piece up to give him... of course. Then we went straight over to Grandma Webb's. We visited with some family from TN and let Josiah play outside with some cousins. I miss all of our family that live too far away for a visit and I hope you had a Happy Easter. I was a bad mommy and didn't get Lillian's picture in her church dress.
This is a hat from Uncle Todd.
The cake tasted as good as it looked. Lillian got a handful and Josiah wanted to help her out

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lillian sprouted teeth

We saw her teeth for the first time last Sunday, but on this day they started to show a lot more. I thought this picture was so cute. They were sitting at the back door watching Daddy mow the grass.
He really enjoyed his star shaped chocolate iced donut.
The icing was even up his nose.

1st Haircut

So we finally decided it was time for a haircut. His long pieces were no longer endearing. They had just become obnoxious scraggles that Lillian loved to grab a hold of. I'm going to brag a little on Josiah, since I don't feel I get to do this too often. He was probably the easiest little boy's haircut I have ever done. Dead Serious. He sat there like a big boy from the very beginning and nothing ever caught him off guard. When I turned on the trimmers he didn't mind. He didn't even raise his shoulders when I was doing the outline. I couldn't have been more shocked or proud. Wendy told me she thought I made up the stories I told of him. Then just a few minutes later he came in the room while I was cutting Grant's hair and he had gotten into the extra hair bleach we had in the back room and had put it in his hair! Now that's the Jojo I know. haha.
I have lots of pictures posted here since it was such a big deal.

These are the before pictures. I took them that morning so I could remember them.

The "bleach" in his hair This big event was tiresome.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rough Week

So we've had a rough week. It went something like this:
Went to church- Lillian got a cold
went to the gym- Jojo got Pink eye
Lillian gets the pink eye
Jojo gets the cold
I has been a long long week. On top of this I've been sick and Grant started his job. whew!
The kids at two seperate times zonked out on the floor.
Lillian found the box of wipes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Golfing at work and at home

Today was Grant's first day on his new job. He started working at The Fort Harrison Golf Course. He'll be an Assistant Golf Pro. Which means he'll be working in the Pro shop, making Tee Times, and giving lessons. I'm sure he'll be doing other things I don't know about. Starting Wendseday he'll be helping out with a golf clinic for beginner golfers. It'll be a big change for our family as it'll no longer be a 9-5 job. I know we'll manage though. He's going to be taking his playing apptitude test in a couple of weeks. If he passes that (I hear it's very hard) then he'll be able to get things ready to start the golf pro program that will take 3 -4 years. To make things clear he is trying to be a "Golf Pro" not a "Professional Golfer". It is confusing at first. Align Center
Josiah's idea of a perfect day would always include playing some golf with Daddy.