Saturday, March 26, 2011


Cora has been getting really excited about us eating lately.  I've given her bananas in one of those mesh bags.  Which she loves.  So the other night we had time to give her a try with cereal.  She loved it and did a really good job.  At first she was getting mad at Grant because she couldn't get it fast enough and then I had to mix another bowl while he was scraping out the first.  

Cora loves, LOVES her daddy!!!
I can't believe how quickly she is growing.  She is now 5 months old!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Terrible twos

Lillian has been having a "few meltdowns" lately.  My Lord.  There are some of you that are lucky enough to never have had to experience this murder to your ears.  She has the LOUDEST. cry. ever... The day she was born and I heard her cry I didn't think, "what a cute newborn baby cry." No, she sounds like a freaking firetruck.  Then when you add her stubbornness with the fits it almost a nuclear distaster.  She now just goes into her room on her own and shuts the door (most of the time).  It helps keep the peace (or as much as a solid door can) between us all.  

Now after all of that look at this happy face. 
 Not that she doesn't deserve a post all of her own for the first 3 months of her crying.  
 As for an update on Miss Cora.  We were at Riley two days last week to get her breathing checked out.  She sounds really rattly when she breathes and it concerned my doctor. So she just wanted to get it looked at so things could be ruled out.  The first day she had a chest X-ray and a barium swallow.  Both of which turned up normal.  I took her back the next day for an bronchial scope.  In the pictures it showed a lot of redness and inflammation from the back of her throat to the opening of her lungs.   So it looks as if her GERD is creating enough irritation and swelling so that when she breathes it sounds funny.  The good news is that this is nothing but good news.  I just need to make sure I give her her medicine more often.  

I loved this picture.
It captures their exact personalities.  Josiah with his coat and boots on. (He only likes weather that is 73 degrees, partly sunny, and with no wind.)  Lillian tough as nails sitting on a metal tractor bare butt.  It wasn't warm enough to be naked, but it was cold enough for a snowsuit either.  

 We had a nice surprise visit from Granny K.
 Lillian dressed in her Sunday best.  She loves to wear dresses.  She calls them her "twinkle twinkles" or her "ballerinas." 
Denim and pearls

They are definitely two peas in a pod.  Where one goes the other follows.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mixed Reviews

It's funny I get people always saying that Cora looks more like her brother or more like her sister.  Well... I'd say they all look a lot alike...bald and big eyed!  Even while I was downloading these I got them mixed up.  

Does Cora look more like Jojo or Lillian?  What do you think?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rub a dub dub...


Have I mentioned just how much Jojo loves Cora :)
He thought it was great that she was in there

I thought this was great