Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big Break

Lillian broke her arm.  
I don't think it's made national news yet. Somehow most people aren't even that surprised it's broke.  They are just surprised it hasn't been broken before now.  She's doing well. This morning she was wondering just how strong is her cast... stronger than a rope, stronger than a rock? I left fairly vague answers so she won't fully understand just how much potential strength that cast contains.

Moments before...
Josiah and her jumped off the small playground holding hands.  I heard her cry and she didn't get up.  That was the first clue.  Normally she stands up fast and declares  "That didn't hurt. I'm not hurt." before the tears come.  Second clue, she wouldn't let us get near her arm.  I still wasn't sure since she didn't have a nap that day I thought she was just being a little more sensitive.  I called Grant and by the time he got there I had her loaded in the van and was literally starting to pull out to go to the ER.  Why do emergencies only happen after hours?
 Unfortunately she fell asleep while waiting so they let everyone in the ER go before us (even the ones that came in an hour after us).  Even the old cheap azz that had a toothache and didn't want to pay a dentist to look at it. So when Lillian awoke screaming from her pain induced slumber I took her to "look out the window" right by the nurses station.  hmmm... amazing, a room became available.
 Poor Grant.  He had to lay down on the cool floor because he was about to pass out from holding Lillian's arm in a painful position for an X-ray.  Why do they ask the dad for help?  Don't they know that moms are the ones that hold it together for birth, barf, blowouts, and broken bones.
 After getting her morphine and splint on she was feeling good.

The next day at the ortho doc.  We had to get more X-rays and see the dr.
She really needed to quit doing this.  She fell asleep while waiting for the Dr.  So he thought she must be a peaceful one (we wouldn't be here in the first place if she was) and thought the janky splint would be sufficient.
 Until she tore it off one night. Josiah came in the morning and said, "Lillian took the stuffing out of her arm!"  It looked like Sadie had shredded a roll of toilet paper in her room.
I forgot to mention that Lillian is not sleeping at night, not with Tylenol w/ Codine or Benadryl. 
  It's hard to see but the splint is sticking out about four inches past her fingers.
Back to the Ortho Doc.

 We had to go through another round of X-rays. When the Dr. came in she was literally upside down in a chair, feet toward the ceiling.  He took one look at her and said, "What's your favorite color?  You get a cast today."
 Purple it is!

She has to keep it on for 3 weeks.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Semi-Snowy Day

 It was been such a mild winter I figured it was worth all the work of getting the kids dressed for outside. I use the a similar rule to driving times.  It it takes 1 hr to get there we stay at least 2.  If it takes 30 minutes to get them dressed for outside then the door is locked from the inside for at least 30 minutes.

These just might be the only snow pictures we get this year!