Thursday, September 22, 2011

Orchard 2011

We headed out to Anderson Orchard this morning for some fun.  It was a great time.  Minus the fact that Cora was being a grump and Lillian wanted to pick apples from the trees the whole time.

 How can  you not love this face?
Josiah was actually loving have his picture taken.

 They loved the hay bale play area.

 The only time I could get Cora to smile was while she was in the swing.

Fall is in the air!

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lillian's 3 and...

Everyone knows that time goes by too quickly, but nothing makes it seem faster than your child's birthday.  Lillian's been with us for 3 years...  She is such a unique kid, so fun, silly, and sweet... most of the time :)  I really can't imagine what God has planned for her life. Since she has so many facets to her personality.   I'm very excited to find out though. 

Here is to another blessed year ... and hopefully an end to the terrible twos ;)
We love you so much Lillian! 
 She got a sink for outside the house.  She loves to clean, wash, and scrub things.
 I was surprised by her "diva" move here.
 This is the bow I bought for her first birthday thinking I would be able to get it attached to her lack of hair.  
 Jumping... she LOVES to jump.  

 This is the cutest "3" you'll see.  It's the only way she likes to do it.  I'm glad I got a picture because someday we won't remember how she held her fingers up.
 Drinking her milkshake
(I didn't show the picture after it spilled out on her)
Aunt Catherine and Uncle Zach gave her a Disney gift card.  I saved it for her day to make it special.  If you go in on your birthday they make you a button with your name, a certificate, and a sticker.  It made it extra special for her. 
Another night we had pizza with the GGs Reilly and the Forcums.  She had a Barbie ballerina cake. I swear her birthday has been going on for a month!

Happy Birthday Lillian!


GRANT IS 30!!!
So your daughter turning 3 make time fly, but so does your husband turning 30!
We met when we were 6 and now he is the big 3-0!!!
Really, where does time go?

I do thank the Lord for creating a such a wonderful husband, father, son and man. 
We had a wonderful time celebrating with a scrumptious dinner at Carnegie's and spending time with his family.   

Grant, I love you and Happy Birthday! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I know it's been a while so this will be mainly a quick picture post.  As usual Comcast had a lovely "level 1 power outage" whatever that means.... 

 Cora and Lillian playing in the mud

 We had a fun Thursday evening at Victory field. Well, that maybe an exaggeration.  Josiah had fun, Cora was great, and Lillian, wasn't ready to sit in the stands for that long yet.

 By the time we left the usher said, "You giving up?"
 One night the two older kids, my neighbor, her friend, and I headed out for the state fair.  Here's a few fun ones from that night.
 Cotton Candy a.k.a Crack for Kids

 We had a Stucker family get-together at the Stucker Farm.
 Jojo playing with boys and stick, what could be better.

 This swing was sooo fun.  I wish I would've had more time on it.
 Aunt Kelly and Lillian
 Cora is doing really great walking.  I'd say she' up to about 75% of the time.  She's even now starting to bend her knees when walking and not just straight legged.  Now we just need to work on getting shoes on her before it gets too cold.
Have an awesome day!