Monday, November 22, 2010

Amanda's gift

I am so excited for everyone to take a peak at Amanda's wonderful talent once again.  She took maternity photos, family photos, and Cora's newborn photos.  I can't say enough how much I love her amazing eye for capturing our family the way we are.  Her art freezes us for a special moment the way I want to remember our family forever.  Enjoy the slideshow.  She put all three sessions together so it takes a few minutes.

Thank you Amanda you are such a blessing!  For anyone else that appreciates Amanda taking our pictures as much as I do leave a little "love" down in the comments (she does read this :) or let us know which ones you really enjoyed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So I should just say before you call CPS on me know that I was with my kids the whole time they were "playing" with the space bag.  I was working on my blog with the kids in my bedroom when they were making lots of noise and I looked over to see this...

No, the bag is not zipped

I hope you got more of a laugh than a scowl at this. ;)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chili Cook Off

Danny and Erin had a chili cook-off down at their house.  It was a beautiful weekend to go eat chili on their porch in Brown County.  We benefited from the naps on the ride down, getting to spend time with mom, and getting out of the house with Cora.  There were about 9 chilis I think and they were good.  Nathan and Hillary's won.

Danny had little boxes hidden around for the kids to go find. 
Lillian with her box 
You tell it was a good time from just looking at this picture :)
Hillary holding Cora (6 days old) 
They just found out they are having a baby boy.

She literally was going around and eating any candy she could find. 
All the kids playing on the "hill"

 Josiah was scared of the hill last year

Lillian wanted to be a baby too.  Cora is on my chest wrapped up in her moby.  The moby wrap has been wonderful with her.

Danny with Eddie... Cora and I
Danny and I were born 1 month apart and the kids are 3 months.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lillian's 1st Haircut

So I finally did it!  I held off as long as I could.  Lillian had her very fist haircut.  She was squirmy and loved making silly faces at herself.  It made her look like a big girl.  Of course I had to fix it in a couple of days to even it out.  She was just too busy during the cut.  She looks so cute and everyone has said how old she looks.  I sure do miss her cute pigtails though.  I'll put them back in soon, but for now it has been kind of nice not having to mess with "The Scraggle."

We've been getting this looks a lot lately.  It's her scary dinosaur.

It's actually shorter than this now and it flips under.
I didn't realize just how tired I looked until I saw these pics.
Josiah went missing during the haircut.  I found him in the bathroom located in the middle of the salon, door wide opened, wiping his bum.

Happy Halloween

We had a great halloween this year.  It actually felt like real trick or treating.  Josiah picked out his spiderman costume.  We couldn't decide on what to dress Lillian up as until we saw it and it was perfect... a callerina or caterina... a kitty/ ballerina.  Two of her favorite things combined, score! Anyway, they loved getting dressed up and getting candy.  Who doesn't?

 Cora with her little kitty nose and somewhat whiskers.  
 Trunk or treating at mom and dad's church
 the tail was too cute

 throwing webs

 trick or treating on Christine's street.  We did about 4 or 5 houses before Jojo said he was done.

TT opening the door for them.