Sunday, August 29, 2010

California Girls

Lillian and I had a wonderful time visiting the Nims out in California.  It was the perfect blend of spending time with family and relaxing.  It's nice to visit out there because I've seen most of the stuff to see so we can just focus on hanging out and not entertaining.  Although, I must say I probably am a very boring house guest.  Lillian did great on the flights out there (besides slightly pooing on my pants) and the flights back (besides literally vomiting her brains out all over me after a mechanical plane change and rerouting around weather).  Luckily I didn't check baggage so we had clothes to change into.

The beautiful Auntie Jenn with Miss Lillian.  
Jennifer says, "I never really wanted a girl because I wouldn't know what to do with one.  Lillian, she's not very girly though, she's more of a brute"

We had a lot of fun at this farm.  Lillian loved the animals. We picked our own fruit.  The raspberries were perfectly sweet!

Nathanael liked riding in the wagon.

We spent a few hours a couple of days at their Taekwondo studio.  It was really neat to watch and I'm glad I got to see what they like to do as a family.  I saw all of them test for the next belt up.  Noah is good at his freestyle. Nathanael and Brent both very good at their form.  Jennifer is fun to watch spar.  Brent says, "Were you surprised to see Jenn sparring?" Me, "No, I've experienced it first hand before" :)

We spent a nice evening at the beach. 

Just incase I've never mentioned it before Lillian LOVES cats!!!  She was infatuated with Sonny and he did a good job putting up with her.  She also loved playing with Nigel and Niko.  

Noah and Lillian watching Finding Nemo together.  She had lots of fun wrestling and chasing with Noah.

This was hilarious to watch.  It was just her and I though.  She went around to everything on this outdoor patio pulling her dress up and saying,"Potty, peepee"

Our last couple hours at the Santa Barbara zoo before getting on the plane.


Thank you Nims for such a great weekend.  I love you all so much!

ps. thanks for all the delicious food.  check out some of the nims recipes at Jenn's girl hero blog.  Their cooking is insanely yummy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Potluck of Pics

We went to the museum while Grammy was home back in May.  The kids had a fun time!  We actually spent some time in the Barbie exhibit.  I hadn't really ever taken them in there before.  Lillian liked walking down the runway.  While Josiah like mixing the music on the turntable.

The kids spend most of their time together now.  Good or bad?  I don't know.  
Take note that they both have their me-me's with them.  Ever since they figured out how to get up there. I keep finding both of them up there.  Lillian pulls out the drawers and climbs up.  Josiah says it's his baby bed.

Josiah really loves to be helpful.  Lillian just likes to do whatever he's doing.
They are figuring out where Weewa can drill a hole.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colliers and Eddie

I wish I had better pictures of the Colliers. (my mom has good ones)  We had so much fun while they were visiting from Colorado.  They came over swimming one day.  It was crazy hot out.   It was a fun few days with the cousins getting to play with each other.  I get nostalgic thinking of when all of my cousins and I played all the time.   Josiah's really starting to get into all his cousins.

Hope (4) and Dove (2 1/2) are two adorably cute girls!  I only wish I had a picture of their faces.
Aunt Karen playing with Lillian.  She loved that Karen sang non stop to her.
Josiah spraying the cold water on Josh.  Josh's wife, Christina, is preggo and due just a few weeks before me with a little boy named Enoch.

Baby Eddie!!!  He is so cute and Josiah loves to hold him.  It made me feel a lot better about bringing our baby home.
They love Uncle Danny's Jeep!  Especially where they live in Brown County and car seat laws are out the window.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

4H Parade

We headed to Greenfield for the annual 4H parade.  The kids enjoy seeing all the tractors and people.

Lillian with Uncle Jim.  She was so content to be held up and see everything go by.
Chillin with Aunt Kandy
Uncle Todd threw each of them a huge bag of dum-dums.  Andrew asked Jojo if he could say "Mother Sucker" (and he could properly).  So now he calls his dum-dums "mother suckers".

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fort Wayne Zoo

In June Grant had his 2nd day off from work since March.  He wanted to take full advantage of it and take the kids to the zoo.  So we decided to head up to the Fort Wayne Children's zoo.  It is such a fun zoo!  I like to compare it as the state museum is like the indy zoo as the Children's museum is like the Ft Wayne zoo.  It was a very full and hot day, but luckily there was a lot of shade.  There's lots of picture in this post.

We had this taken on our way out (tired) and I was happy with how well it turned out

Lillian was into the croc...jojo....well not so much

Very excited to ride the train

The goats went crazy licking Grant.

He actually liked brushing the goats

Lillian was in heaven.

They cooled down in the water area.  I even brought swimsuits that I didn't get a chance to put on them.

There was a drain nearby in the middle of the common area for the water to go into.  I look over from digging their extra clothes out of the stroller to see Josiah with his pants down standing over the drain getting ready to pee.  I tried to play it off as he was taking his pants off so I could change him. :)

Boat ride through the jungle

Lillian was totally relaxed and loving all the time with her Daddy.

On the skyway.  Josiah was fascinated by how it worked.  He wanted to know all about the cable, pulleys,  and motor.

That's all for now.

I found a bunch of pictures on my camera that hadn't been downloaded for a while so there will probably be a bunch of post this next week to get caught up a bit.