Thursday, November 21, 2013

Magic Kingdom: 1st day

Magical.  That is the best word to describe our WDW experience.
Everything (almost) was so detailed and fun.  
It took us about a hour to get the hang of Magic Kingdom when we first got there.  
Then we were off.

 Look at that sky!  The weather was perfect while we were there.
Standing in the mist of the water station.

 Showing me her big ears like Dumbo!

 I was so excited to get to dine in Belle's Castle at "Be Our Guest"  
We came across the line for lunch a little after 10.  Waited 30 minutes for the restaurant to open and then another 30 to get in.  Worth it.  
Waiting for our food to arrive.  
You order you food at a kiosk, then find any table you want (we ate in the "rose room"), put your magic band bracelet in the middle of the table, and then when your food is ready they bring it out to you in a serving cart.  I thought it was so cool because they you the short field communication from my bracelet that I used to order our food to their little doodad on their cart to find your table.  So cool...and freaky.

 Cupcakes for all!

 After we ate lunch our fast pass for "Belle's enchanted evening"was ready to go.  
At first we went into this room where they were prepping us for an interactive play.  
Grant asked why I wasted a fast pass on it.  
Until we went into the next room and SURPRISE! There was beautiful Belle.
Magical. Tears in my eyes.  
They ran through the play with her and then did a parade around the room.
At the end they each were introduced as their "part" and a picture with Belle.

 Jo is just so stinking sweet.
 He picked the R2D2 mouse ears.
It's nice to get some pictures of us with our new little photographers.

 Waiting for the Haunted Mansion.
 Out cold.  
She did this everyday.  That's when we knew it was time to head back to hotel.
 Waiting for parade to start.

The parade was so fun.
Finishing the evening off with popcorn in bed.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Because I need to get something up.

Since it's been over a month I figured I better get something up on here!
We are still trying to get the hang of limited internet and a simpler life.

Part I of ???? 
 In the car at 5am.  Everyone was holding up well.
 Ready for take off.
 This is what we saw as soon as we got off the bus at our resort! 
He wrote something up in the sky everyday we were there :)
 Disney Cars 
And Just some plain cuteness.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I'll catch my groove soon. 
I'm already at 3.5 GB for the month.  Gotta go!  ;)