Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's a....

Sorry, I'm a week late sharing our good news. We went to the doctor last Tuesday for our ultrasound. I was really anticipating this appointment because it's when Grant was going to let me know on whether we were finding out the sex. This time it was his decision on whether to find out or not because I was adamant on not finding out with Josiah. So we went in and the baby looked wonderfully healthy, but Grant still wouldn't make up his mind. He told the tech that he wanted to see if he could tell on his own. Finally our appointment was over and Grant asked the ultrasound tech to put what the baby was in an envelope. So we get out in the car (I'm driving) Grant is putting the envelope up to the window trying to read what it says. Finally about 20 minutes of being in the car he opens it up. I'm so mad because I don't want to find out the gender of my baby while driving on 465. I wouldn't let him tell me because I knew I would be emotional when I found out. So we had to continue driving for another 20 minutes. He said the reason he wanted it in an envelope was so that he could be that one to tell me what the baby was. I thought that was sweet. So when we get to our destination he had me get out of the car and that's when he told me, "It's a girl!". I couldn't believe it so I had to see the paper myself. It's been a week now and it's finally starting to sink in. We both thought that it was a boy. We're excited for Josiah to have a little sister. Of course we just can't picture a girl at this point. She's already much calmer. She doesn't kick and move all the time. We are now halfway through the pregnancy and we just can't wait to meet her.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


In the past few months Grant and I have felt the push to become more planted in our church. We have been going there for the past 3 years and were ready to be able to call Park Chapel our church home. It's a good feeling after 10 years and 3 churches to have a place to call home. Last Sunday we had a baby-parent dedication service. Our church does it once a year and we had 19 little ones there. It was a very special day for us. Grant and I said our "I Do's" to the way that God has called us to be as Christian parents. It was a little more emotional for me than I expected. We look forward to guiding Josiah in the way of Christ and to be held accountable by our family, friends, and church. They had a photographer there so I will try to post a link or at least the info if you want to view the pictures. The slideshow is definately worth watching. It is so cute. Josiah was the loudest one during the service and she caught a few pictures of him shoving the program in Weewaw's face.

To view the slideshow go to the following URL address:
To view the images go to the following URL address:
enter the event name: Park Chapel
The images are separated into two categories: service and portraits. If you would like to share the image with friends or family feel free to create a folder in the program and insert the pictures you want your family to check out.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tick Tock

So it's been a week now, but I feel it's official enough to share. Josiah has said his first word. Last Sunday he was in the nursery at church and when we picked him up they said that he said, "Clock". Now if they told me he had said shoe, shirt, or toy I wouldn't have thought it could be true for a second. But, since he was about five or six months old his favorite picture in his picture word book has been the red and yellow clock, so much that he usually felt the need to give it a kiss. This past month or so he has pointed at every clock that we pass. So anyway, as they were handing him to us he pointed to the one on the wall and said it again, "clock". Now, I usually tend to be a skeptic and want to know that my child is really doing something before I go and tell the world. So later on that day he pointed at my dad's wristwatch and at a round thermometer on my mom's porch and repeated it. So I thought good I have some confirmation. Well, he was proud of himself and he kept saying it, but while pointing at everything else in sight. As the week went on he kept saying something like "clock" but not quite as clear. So today when we picked him up from the church nursery a different worker said, "Boy, he sure does like clocks, he's been pointing and saying it all morning long." So it was then I decided that after a week of trying to figure out if he really new what he was saying, "clock" became his first official word.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sick little Jojo

So I'm already slightly annoyed because I just wrote a detailed and funny post only to have it disappear from my eyes in a moment and not being able to retrieve it. So here's the short of it...

Josiah had the flu this week. It was really only one completely terrible day. Here's a picture of him sitting in his chair. I sat it in front of the tv, tuned to the Sprout channel. Anything to try to cheer him up and make him content for just a few minutes.

Here we go...

Hello Family and Friends, Can you believe it? I'm going to try to keep a blog to share all the happenings in our lives. I've never been one to write anything down so this is completely new to me. As many of you know I barely check my email and avoid my computer on most days of the week. My friend Trisha has kept a blog for a couple of years now and even though I talk to her most days of the week, I still love to see the pictures and fun things she posts. So here I am. I thought this might be an easy way to share Josiah and once baby #2 is here I'm sure I'll have less phone time available. I can't get too many phone calls made on my 10 minute drive to work. My goals are to of course share some photos, but I really want to put videos on for everyone that lives too far away to see his craziness in person. If you ever think I've gone too long with out posting just shoot me an email and I'll try to update. I hope this works and that everyone enjoys.