Thursday, February 27, 2014

Madison, IN

Grant made a dream come true happen last August.
He whisked me away to the small river town of Madison, to a B&B, for a BBQ and Blues festival!
My man is growing old on me and was speaking my language all the way!
Old things, food, and music.

We headed down on a Friday morning so that we could stop and eat lunch at The Osgood Grub Co. in Osgood, IN.

We enjoyed walking and walking, looking at all the old charm of the town.
This was especially fun since we were getting ready to move into our own piece of history.

This was the entrance to the back of our B&B, The Whitehall B&B.  The Inn Keepers were very eccentric and his hobby besides "visiting" was collecting stone and laying it himself.  It was amazing all the stone work he had done around the place.

One day at the Festival we took the River cruise to get a break from the heat and enjoy the ride.

I can not or or will not go into the depth of our inn keepers Civil War era furniture and pieces.  
We were staying in a museum! Our "suite" included two bedrooms, private bath, sitting room, and a balcony.  It was so fun and out of the norm! She was a delight to talk to.  Very knowledgeable and proper.

Hubby on the veranda.

Just a small, very small, part of their collection.

The food.
This could be a whole post in itself.
So to spare you the raving I'll list our 2 hour "breakfast" menu.
 hand diced fruit with either raspberry sorbet or orange sorbet and a handmade crepe
main course
Day 1:filet mignon with a english muffin, ham, egg, and bearnaise sauce
Day 2: Cheese stuffed chicken breast served with a english muffin, portabello, egg and hollandaise sauce
Day 1:peanut butter pie
Day 2: chocolate cake

This was seriously some of the best food I've ever put in my mouth.
These were some people that put extreme care and detail into all they do.

To finish off our most fabulous stay, after breakfast they invited us into part of their living quarters to meet "Squirrel."  Their pet squirrel.  He prefers to own squirrels opposed to domesticated animals.  They do let Squirrel run free range in their living room during certain hours of the day.  He said that Squirrel loves routine and consistency.  Like I said, eccentric, was the perfect word for our new friend.

It was such a perfect, romantic, and fun weekend.  We were able to enjoy each other in a way we hadn't been able to for so long.  We went down to enjoy bbq and music, but found we really were just craving the time together alone.

On another note.  The festival, Ribberfest, was very well put on and really fun. The music was great and the BBQ.  It was a competition.  The amateurs were really fun to walk around and sample.  Very good.  The Pros we didn't get to taste as much.  After our "breakfast" we just weren't really ready to eat a lot more food.

Thank you Grant, I love you soooo much and can't wait until you whisk me away again ;)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Look who turned 3!

Cora was excited about her birthday. 
 She kept asking for a baby doll and minnie mouse bike.
With a simple and sincere list like that how could we not!

She normally won't have much to do with the camera, 
but for her birthday she was a great!

We try to do a donut cake each bday morning.

Minnie Mouse bike!

I'm so in love with this precious face.  
She is just such a joy and blessing in our lives.

The girls checking out the new ride.

Aunt Anna helping get her Minnie helmet on.

It was a whirlwind leading up to Cora's birthday between moving and Disney.
So it was great just to stop and enjoy our amazingly sweet and funny baby girl.
Cora is just so lovable in every way.  Grant and her  have a special bond that just melts my heart.

Happy Birthday Day Cora!
We love you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lillian's 5th Birthday

Life has settled down a bit, we have a new internet plan, and my Disney posts are done!
Therefore I can catch up on some of the most important events of 2013.

LILLIAN turned 5!

 This little girl is such a blessing in our lives.  As close as she has put me into going in a nuthouse she brings the equal amount of joy.  The older she gets the more interesting and sweet she becomes.
She was excited to turn five and get a cat.  I felt bad for her since we moved in the 2 weeks before her birthday.  However, we made up for it on her day.

 We made it down to TN for a birthday celebration.
Grammy made a cat cake, again, upon Lillian's request.

Then one day we went cat shopping for my little animal lover.
She was in pure heaven and was content on not getting just any cat, but the right cat.
Especially since buying a cat is harder than a gun and we weren't able to bring a cat home with us on that day. I was a little naive apparently.  

I had a lot of pressure because I had told her she could get a cat when she was 5 and when we moved into out new house.  So upon moving to the new house she felt it her duty to inform people and myself that I was a "liar" because I did not get her a cat the day we moved.  

She named her cat Chloe. She has wanted a white cat and has had the name picked out for literally 2 years.  Then we also felt the need to get a second cat, Winnie a.k.a  nut-sac Michael Jordan.  That's another story for another day. Oh, and Winnie is a female for the record.

Family in TN
It always feels so good when we can all get together.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Spunky Lillian.  
I can't wait to see what she brings to this earth in the future.
I can only imagine she will leave a fun, loving, and unique imprint!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Last Day

On the last day our flight didn't leave to mid afternoon so we were able to enjoy half a day at Hollywood Studios again. We were able to check our bags and get our boarding passes at our resort.  That was fantastic because then we could hop on the ferry and enjoy the last few hours we had stress free!

We arrived at the park early so Grant and I would split up and get a fast pass to Toy Story Mania and sign up for Jedi Training.  Too late.  Even though we arrived early they had already opened the gates.  So the Jedi training line was already super deep and the Toy Story fast passes were already pass when our flight left.  bummer.   

We went ahead and jumped into the 30 minute standby line for Toy Story Mania.  It is said to have the  longest average wait time of rides in the park.  So we took advantage of our early arrival.  
It was a lot of fun. We had a fast pass for it the first day, but since that day was cut short we didn't stay for our ride time.

This is where it got good!  Lillian loves all things scary and exciting. The Tower of Terror being no exception.  We had a fast pass and while waiting in the spooky corridors she was telling the lady behind us that she LOVED scary things and wanted to sleep with RATS. 
The ride itself was a nightmare of a ride for me.  It pulls you up 13 stories, I believe, so you are looking out a window that overlooks the park.  Then it drops you... then it pulls you back up... and drops you again... and again... and again.  Each time you don't know how far it's going to let you fall or how many times it's going to pull you back up. 
 I was screaming my head off!
Lillian was sitting very stoic with a coy smile on her face the whole ride!
I have a funny ride picture I"ll share with you when I get the chance.

After we got off I wasn't sure what she was going to say.
Lillian said, "I didn't scream.  Everyone else was screaming, not me, but my body is still shaking." Then she wanted to get back in line.
She is a brave girl.

Before we started out on our trip I had in my mind that I was going to let the kids get their faces painted.  That is something they always want to do, but I don't allow because 3 faces x $$ =  $$$$.
Each day I would get disappointed about not doing it so it became one of my weird priorities on the last day.  Grant just didn't understand until he saw how happy the girls were.
Princess Kitty Cora
Cheetah Lillian

Do I look scary?
At the airport.

So that pretty much wraps up our Disney trip.  
I'm already thinking about our next trip :)  

 I'll try to catch up on things from Halloween through Now!