Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some fun shots

We've had a nice week. I thought I'd share some pictures. Getting ready to watch Elmo First time with a Biter Biscuit
Josiah loves to play at Aunt Teen-teen and Uncle John's. They spoil him a little rotten. He has his own garden tools, toys, toothbrush, and oh, did I mention his own room.
Lillian all bundled up to go outside also.
Lillian loves it when Josiah splashes and dives in the bathtub. She laughs hysterically. Last night I had to shut the curtain and lay a towel down on the ground to control the wetness.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Vacation Day

Grant took a day off of work last week to spend time with the family. We had a great day! We started out with baths with daddy while I went to get donuts from the Sweet Shop. Yum! Then it was nap time to rest up for our fun. When they woke up we ate at A&W for lunch and went to Snapperz for some fun. It's a neat place that has huge inflatables, games, and jungle gyms. Josiah was a little scared of how big some of the stuff was. Lillian had fun in the little baby area. I was able to live out my dream of doing the Challenger from American Gladiators. It was an obstacle course to go through. Then Grant and I took advantage of nobody else being there and tried the rock wall out. Neither of us had ever tried one before. On our way home we stopped by Frosty Boy for some Sundaes. The kiddos were wore out and when they woke up we went to go get some Pizza King for dinner. Did you catch all the junk we ate? Hey, we were on vacation. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sitting and sneaking

This is the first picture I got of her sitting up. She's doing alot better already.I was on the phone with Grant's mom talking tax stuff when I noticed Josiah was being too quite. I found him in our bathroom applying "gel". He had nearly emptied a tube of Neosporin on his head. He was also trying to put it down his shirt while saying "boobie." I was literally getting ready to leave for work so I threw him in the tub and put lots of soap on his hair, rinsed it, then left the babysitter to get him out. Later Grant told me he gave Jojo a bath because "his hair looked greasy". On this nice day it was the first time I had kids ring the door bell to ask, " Can Josiah come out and play?" He was napping so they came back again later. It makes me realize that he is getting older.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

3- 2- 1... LIFT OFF!

Lillian loves her jumper! She's been in it for awhile now, but she has now learned to get both feet off the ground. Look at those chubbers. P.S. There's a new post of Jojo right below this

Gym time

We've been going to Gymnastics unlimited on Wednesdays. It's open gym for little kids so they can run around as much as they want. It has trampolines, balance beams, toys, bouncy house, foam pits, and lots of other fun things. Jojo loves to go. This week his friend, Ava, my friend, Emily, and Lillian's friend, Brady met us there. We had lots of fun.
My most recent favorite picture of him. We asked them to give each other a kiss. We didn't know they'd take it so seriously. Playing in the foam pit.
This picture isn't very good, but I thought it was hilarious. He was trying to run as fast as he could. Can you hear him by looking at his face?
Brady and Lillian. Then of course, we had to play in the water fountain when we were done.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a week

We have had a long week. Josiah finally got over his sickness, but he made sure to pass it on to Sister. The poor little thing has had such a hard time breathing. Grant also had a horrible ear infection. So lucky me, if you want to call it that, I stayed healthy enough to take care of a recuperating son, a sick daughter and husband. We have been enjoying the warmer weather though. My mom watched Lillian and Jojo while I worked. Then she had Sophia and Josiah spend the night with her that evening so that they could play out together. I must say I think that's on the verge of Sainthood. They loved every minute of it though. He took some where around a 31/2 - 4 hour nap once he got home. We also had a scary accident this week. Josiah pushed back from the table with his feet and toppled the chair over so that his head landed on the sliding door track. I was sick to my stomach and thought the blood was going to start flowing. Instead he a a gnarly knot with a purple line going through it. Like the trooper he is, he only cried for a few minutes and wanted his "me-me". I was afraid to put him down for a nap afterwards. Grant cut this tip on his pacifier this week to try to get rid of it. We said that it was broke and that Sadie ate it (blame it on the dog). Unfortunately, he found another one and has still had one for sleeping everytime. Also, Daddy went outside with Jojo to play golf and over to the neighbors to see all the dirt bikes. That was almost a perfect evening for the little man. Anyway, enough reading. She was so tired she fell asleep in there.
Sophia and Jojo on the ler-ler-ler. translation: four wheeler
Lillian's first time in the big bathtub, by herself, on her tummy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You can have your cake batter... and eat it too!

We made a birthday cake for Babysitter Hannah. It was Jojo's first time licking a beater. I must say he did enjoy it. I tried to make this collage but it came out a little grainy. He went into his room matter-of-factly and came out with his horse and put right in front of the oven. He climbed up on it so that he reach the cupcakes. He never ceases to amuse/ amaze me.
Notice Lillian's tongue licking her lips. He was making sure she saw that he had the goodies.I was making him stay in the kitchen with the batter. This is when he almost got to the living room with the spatula. So close... On the warm day we went outside to play. My mom got this slightly ridiculous but cute outfit a long time ago. Before she had any girl grandchildren. It kept Lillian nice and warm. She's really starting to push herself up tall. I love how big her eyes look in this picture. Nevermind the snot and fuzz coming out of her nose. I bet you wouldn't have even noticed.