Monday, September 1, 2014

1st Day of school 2014. gulp.

Getting ready for school this year was a whirlwind. 
 I had all three kids starting school 1 1/2 days after returning from Haiti.  whew.  

However, all 3 2 of them were ready for the new school year.
 That made it much easier and way more exciting!

Lillian ready with her leopard print backpack, outfit, and barbie lunch bag.

She was so excited and confident it made it very easy to drop her off with a smile and not shed one tear. 
She has become quite the confident young lady.

Sitting at her desk with all smiles.

Josiah went in much easier this year since he had to be the Big Brother taking his sister to school for the first time.  However, being a 2nd grader he knows what coming now.  School. Homework. "No fun." 

As you you can see the excitement is just pouring out of him. ;)

Now Josiah may not love school, but he LOVES having his sister there.  We haven't had any tears getting out of the car this year (unlike almost everyday last year) and he feels an overwhelming responsibility to take care of her.  Every morning he has been running her off the sidewalk trying to hold her hand before she can even get her backpack on.  Then each day of pick up he has been holding her hand coming down the sidewalk.  

One day they had a conversation like this:

Lil: Do NOT walk me to my class today
Jo:  Why not? 
Lil: Because. I know how to get there and can do it by myself.
Jo:  Can I do it just one more day?
Lil: Ok. But no more kisses.
Jo: What if I give you only one kiss? 
Lil: Ok. Just one kiss and that's it.

I love Josiah's big heart for his sisters and Lillian's spunky confidence.
Aunt Christine told me that the K-teachers call her "Punky Brewester."
That made me feel good because they can see that she is her own fun and quirky person.

Now… My baby girl started preschool the following week.  Eeek!

I actually I would've been more freaked out if she wasn't going to Ms. Dawn's, she wasn't doing it for two years, and if she wasn't my 3rd child.  Just being honest here.

I didn't want to send her this year, but after talking with Grant and Ms. Dawn they reminded me it's not about me, but what's best for her.  And what's best for her is being there with Ms. Dawn.

Just incase I didn't brag enough last year about how amazing Ms. Dawn is here it is.

Just in the short few weeks Cora has been there I've already seen a change in her.
Her confidence is growing, she is trying to be more brave in her speech, and her knowledge is really starting to show! I love this little girl with my whole heart and as much as I wanted to keep her all to myself, I know that she is in the best environment that she can be in to get prepared for school!


Christine said...

I have seen a big difference in all of them this year. All good!! Both the girls are shining in confidence and Jo is happy when he talks about school. Still doesn't like it, of course.

Weewa said...

Didn't think this day would arrive so soon. Sure brings back memories of when you three kids left the house at the same time...felt so empty..but then reality kicks in and you think what can I do for 2 1/2 hours while I am Sure love those little sweeties.