Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have very few words, yet too many to describe how perfect of an evening I experienced with Lillian.

My Lillian has always been a special little girl.  
Her emotions, loves, and dislikes are usually to the extremes.
On this night I saw my girl's heart sing out and almost completely burst with pure joy, excitement, wonder, and the most happiness that a 5 year old can exude.

As soon as I told her that we were going to go to a "cat dance"  that was all she could think of.  What was a cat dance? Well I showed her a couple Youtube videos and she was hooked.

We went up to Beef n Boards for the CATS production.  
It was pure entertainment and magic.
Everything from the warm attentive welcome we received,  the touch-the-stage seating, vocals, dancing, and interactive entertainment was absolutely perfect.
During the show Lillian had multiple experiences with the Cats.
They laid in her lap, purred on her, stared at her eyes from just inches, rubbed their noses to hers, slept at her feet,  played with balloons and then topped it off by giving her a autographed "dawg" sign during the show.

Afterwards, some of the girls were kind enough to come out and meet Lillian.
She was so excited to tell them about her real cats and they were so sweet to listen and seemed to really enjoy talking with her.  

We coordinated our leopard outfits and even had matching boots.

Yes, I did cry about half of the time we were there just watching her face.
I'm sure the girls at the end thought I was some weirdo mom.

At the end of the night she just kept saying, how she "loved it" and a sincere  "Thank You Mommy. You are the best mommy ever!"

This is one memory that will absolutely be forever stored in my heart.


Catherine Kissel said...

Glad you got to have such a sweet moment in time together. :)

Emily said...

She was telling me about the Cats show when we were in IN last! Sooo cute!